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IvyWise Results: Congratulations to the Class of 2019!

IvyWise’s class of 2019 was one of our most successful yet, with our students gaining admission to some of the most selective colleges and universities in the US, including all eight Ivy Leagues, Stanford, and MIT – to name only a few. Here’s where our students were accepted for the college class of 2023.

Even though many colleges and universities reported record-low admission rates for the class of 2022, our students’ performance has been consistently well above average, with IvyWise students more than three times as likely to get into highly-selective institutions.

Average Acceptance Rates

This year, 92% of our students gained admission to one or more of their top-three choice colleges, with those same students receiving over 400 acceptances from over 160 different colleges and universities. Here are just a few of the institutions our students were accepted to this year:


Amherst CollegePepperdine University
Boston UniversityPrinceton University
Brown UniversityRice University
California Institute of TechnologyStanford University
Carnegie Mellon UniversityTufts University
Colgate UniversityUniversity of California, Berkeley
Columbia UniversityUniversity of California, Los Angeles
Cornell UniversityUniversity of Chicago
Dartmouth CollegeUniversity of Michigan
Duke UniversityUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Emory UniversityUniversity of Notre Dame
Georgetown UniversityUniversity of Pennsylvania
Georgia Institute of TechnologyUniversity of Southern California
Harvard UniversityUniversity of Texas at Austin
Johns Hopkins UniversityUniversity of Virginia
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyWake Forest University
McGill UniversityWashington University in St. Louis
Middlebury CollegeWesleyan University
New York UniversityWilliams College
Northwestern UniversityYale University


At IvyWise, our goal is to help our students achieve their personal and academic goals in a genuine and authentic fashion. The college admissions process is complex, and while grades and test scores are important, they’re not the only elements that colleges consider. At IvyWise we work to help students discover who they are, their passions, and what they want out of their education in order to make the most of their high school experience and to authentically make an impact and gain admission based on their own merits. This includes helping students craft balanced lists of best-fit colleges and put together applications that best represent who they are inside and outside of the classroom.

IvyWise Class of 2019 Student Story
Every year we work with a number of pro bono students as part of our IvyWise Gives Back initiative, and this year our pro bono students received acceptances from Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and NYU, just to name a few. We spoke with IvyWise pro bono student Eunice, who was accepted to Yale’s class of 2023 in the early round, about her IvyWise experience and what advice she’d like to give students applying to college. Read further for Eunice’s advice accompanied by insight from IvyWise.

Your College Application Essay Isn’t a “Formula”
“Throughout high school I’ve always been taught the very professional, formula five-paragraph essay, but the college essay is very creative in that it has more space than a simple formula.” – Eunice

IvyWise Insight: It’s important for students to remember that their college application essay or personal statement is an opportunity to get creative and let the admissions office learn something about you that can’t be found anywhere else. Don’t focus on creating an academic-type essay that just lists what’s already on your activity list. Instead, get creative and dig deep to find a topic that gives more context to your interests and who you are as a student and person. There’s no formula or “right way” to write your college application essay, so take time to brainstorm, write, edit, and revise your college application essay until it’s something you’d be really proud to submit.

Welcome Feedback
“The college admissions process is a process in which you should truly welcome feedback…what you may be thinking is very clear on your essay may not be clear when someone else reads it.” – Eunice

IvyWise Insight: Writing a creative and compelling essay is hard, and often an exercise that students are not used to. This is why it’s important for students to welcome feedback on their essays, as well as other components of their college applications. Your college counselor, independent counselor, and even teachers and parents can offer valuable insight into how an essay reads. Your college counselor can also give feedback on your activity list, supplements, and more. Use the resources available to you to get the most comprehensive feedback possible and use it to submit applications that represent the best version of you!

Check In On Yourself
“It’s really important for you to check in on yourself during this college application process because it’s inevitable that for many people it’s going to be very stressful and very intense no matter how much you prepare for it…it’s important to check up on yourself and for ideas to ruminate and have some time for these ideas to develop.” – Eunice

IvyWise Insight: Don’t let the college admissions process consume you! Yes, it’s a lot of work and can be stressful, but it’s important to take a step back and reevaluate if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed. Take some time to do the things that you enjoy and spend time with your family and friends. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. This process is about you, so check in on yourself and make sure that you’re taking advantage of all the support available to you.

Follow Your Passions
“If you truly fill up your high school experience with things that you love doing it’s going to go past in like a minute.” – Eunice

IvyWise Insight: The college admissions process is about self-discovery. Students should use their time in high school to learn about the things they’re most passionate about and pursue them! Work to identify your passions and interests early on, and fill your time with activities, outside reading, and other initiatives that can help you delve more deeply into those interests. Don’t do things that you think will “look good” to admissions officers. They’re looking for authenticity, not a packaged student who fits a mold you think they’re looking for. Fill your time with the things you truly love, and you’ll have a rewarding admissions season come senior year.

Focus on Collaboration Not Competition
“Have a really great support network of people supporting you throughout this process rather than feeling so intensely in competition with other people.” – Eunice

IvyWise Insight: The college admissions process can be extremely competitive, especially if you’re applying to some of the most selective colleges and universities in the US. However, your peers are a source of support, so don’t feel like you need to be in constant competition with them. Not only can that ruin friendships, it can also make for a very unfulfilling high school experience if you’re constantly worried about how you’re doing in comparison to others. Instead, work to collaborate with your peers. Find ways to better explore your interests together and learn from one another!

Here are some other videos from IvyWise Pro Bono students from the class of 2019!

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