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College Transfer Admissions Counseling

Our counselors have direct experience in the transfer admissions process and know how to help transfers students stand out.

Transfer Admissions Process Guidance

Over 1/3 of college students will transfer universities at some point in their higher education career. But this isn’t déjà vu. The transfer admissions process is unique and can be extremely selective, with different standardized test requirements, recommendations, deadlines, and essays. Our counselors have direct experience reviewing transfer applications and know how to help students stand out in the transfer admissions process.

Throughout our 20+ year history, 99% of IvyWise students have graduated from the schools to which we helped them apply and secure admission

IvyWise Has the Experience You Need

Maybe you didn’t use IvyWise during your initial college admissions process, but now you need help finding your best-fit school the second time around. IvyWise works to help current college students transfer to the schools that will fit them best, and with 99% of IvyWise alumni graduating from the colleges they selected and were admitted to with our support, we know what it takes to help students find the right school for them.

Our counselors will work with you one-on-one to:

  • Determine whether transferring is the best option to help you reach your goals
  • Identify what you are seeking from your undergraduate experience
  • Discover the schools that will be a good fit for you to transfer into
  • Advise on the appropriate courses to take at your current institution to ensure a smooth transition to your transfer school
  • Suggest ways to make the most out of your time in your current school
  • Apply to the schools, including guidance with the resume, essays, and more

From generating the initial school list to providing honest feedback on the multiple essays and activities, the guidance provided by [our IvyWise counselor] was truly invaluable. In today’s college admissions environment, we recognize that getting admitted to a highly selective reach school requires a level of application wisdom that we (as well as many other college counselors) simply did not possess. We will forever be in [our IvyWise counselor] and Ivywise’s debt for helping our daughter get into her top choice.”

— Parent, Daughter Accepted to Duke University

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