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What is admissions counseling?

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IvyWise helps students get into the best-fit schools for them

At IvyWise, we help students identify and apply to colleges that fit them personally. How? By understanding the nuances of the process, what colleges are looking for, and how students can best position themselves to gain admission to their top-choice schools. It’s not just about having the right grades and test scores. It’s also about students exploring their interests and reaching their full potential inside and outside of the classroom. IvyWise offers a variety of admission counseling services personalized to fit each student’s needs, and our results speak for themselves, with 91% of IvyWise students gaining admission into one or more of their three top-choice schools in 2018.

In addition to our comprehensive college admissions programs, we also offer a la carte specialty counseling services for high school students. »

IvyWise offers programs for students of all ages. Learn more about our primary and secondary admissions services. »

Seeking admission to an advanced degree program? Learn more about our graduate admissions counseling services. »

Initial Consultation

The IvyWise Initial Consultation is the first step on your student’s path to a successful application process – whether you’re applying to college, graduate school, or a K-12 program.

Initial consultations are set up through myIvyWise portal, where families create a student profile by answering questions about the student’s history and goals and providing relevant documentation like transcripts, resumes, and more.

The Initial Consultation includes an in-depth pre-screen of your student’s profile, a 90-minute meeting, and a session report. Students also receive:

  • Expert feedback based on his or her academic history
  • A customized evaluation and detailed strategic action plan
  • Recommendations for courses, extracurricular activities, summer experiences, internships, community service, and more
  • A comprehensive standardized testing plan, if applicable

IvyWise has over 150 years of admissions experience

Our expert team of counselors is made up of former deans and directors of admissions from some of the country’s most selective colleges. IvyWise counselors have held just about every position within university admissions offices and have a proven record of helping students gain admission to their best-fit colleges. Below are two featured counselors from our team.

Cara is a former former Assistant Dean of Admissions at Colgate University.

Scott is a former Assistant Director of Admissions at Yale University.

Meet Our Counselors