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Comprehensive Support for Every Phase of Your Higher Education Journey

IvyWise specializes in guiding students to their best-fit colleges, but, as higher ed experts, we know that the need for continued support and guidance doesn’t stop once students get to campus. The transition from high school to college can be daunting as students juggle college-level academics all while learning to manage their time and schedules – often for the first time on their own. Students have the challenge of completing their degrees on time while also planning the next phases of their journeys – whether that’s transferring schools, looking ahead to graduate, law, business, or medical school, or stepping out into the workforce. IvyWise experts support current college students through their entire higher education experiences – and beyond.

Services for College Students and Graduates

IvyWise Has the Expertise You Need

IvyWise has a team of expert academic advisors and graduate counselors with nearly 80 years of collective experience in advising and graduate admissions. Our academic advisors have extensive experience in advising undergrads at top schools like UC Berkeley and Northeastern, and our expert graduate counselors are all former admissions officers from Harvard and Stanford Medical School, Georgetown, and Wharton. Our tutoring team includes subject matter experts, test prep specialists, and executive functioning coaches.

Students applying to graduate and transfer programs get the benefit of the entire team’s expertise, through the IvyWise Roundtable experience. This mock admissions committee review gives applicants the benefit of comprehensive feedback before they hit ‘submit.’ Learn more about the IvyWise Roundtable.

“I just wanted to say thank you one more time for all of your hours and effort in helping me with my applications, ‘imagining you’re there’s’, and advice in choosing a place that was good for me. I could not have done it without your services, and I will always be indebted to you.— Student Accepted to Graduate Program at Tufts University

Meet Our Counselors and Advisors

Reach Your Academic and Test Prep Goals with IvyWise

We have a team of expert tutors, skills coaches, and test prep professionals who can help you develop proper time management and study skills, succeed in your college coursework, and prepare you for any graduate school entrance exams, if needed. Our tutors are subject-matter experts who can help you raise your grades, prepare for midterm and final exams, and ensure you are on track to maintain your goal GPA throughout your higher education career. Learn more about IvyWise Tutoring and Test Prep services.

It all starts with the Initial Consultation

This isn’t your typical consultation. The IvyWise Initial Consultation is a comprehensive profile review followed by a 90-minute meeting with the expert advisor or counselor of your choice to collaborate on a personalized, strategic action plan to help you achieve your academic goals and/or transfer or graduate admission goals. You will have the opportunity to get all of your questions answered by an IvyWise expert specializing in academic support, transfer admissions, or graduate admissions for your field of interest. This stand-alone service is the first step in working long-term with IvyWise and requires our team to collect materials beforehand. To learn how to schedule an Initial Consultation, contact us today at +1 212-262-3500 or at [email protected].

Here’s a breakdown of what goes into the IvyWise Initial Consultation »

Watch the video below to learn about how to set up your Initial Consultation and why it’s the best and most comprehensive consult you’ll ever receive.

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