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IvyWise Academic Tutoring

IvyWise expert tutors support students in the classroom and beyond through customized academic tutoring services and skills coaching.

Academic performance is the most important element that schools consider when making admissions decisions. While our team of expert counselors will help students choose the most rigorous and appropriate classes as part of their counseling program, our team of tutors will help them succeed in those courses and beyond.

Tutoring Service IconIvyWise tutoring sets students up with the study skills needed to succeed in any subject area. From science and math, to French and writing, our expert tutors are the best of the best and can support students no matter their level, from elementary school all the way through graduate-level courses.

IvyWise tutors are also well-versed in a variety of curricula, from AP to IB and A-levels. No matter your student’s academic needs, IvyWise has a tutor to support them and we will customize a tutoring plan to help your student reach their academic goals.

Skills Coaching

Success inside and outside of the classroom requires academic and executive functioning skills that need to be developed early and often. IvyWise has a team of tutors that are expert skills coaches, working with students at every grade level to help them develop the academic skills needed in order to succeed in high school, college, and beyond. Skills coaching helps students develop and hone the foundational skills necessary to succeed, from learning how to study to effective planning and time management. An IvyWise expert skills coach will work with your child to help them become an intentional student — paving the way to achieving their academic and college admissions goals.

Subject Matter Experts

IvyWise provides expert tutors in every subject for every level, whether your student needs help with elementary math, high school physics, or college and even graduate-level language courses. Our tutors are graduates of top universities, have advanced degrees, and have extensive experience tutoring in the subjects in which they specialize.

IvyWise provides tutoring for all levels of the following subject areas:

Math and Science
Computer Science


U.S. History
World History
European History
Writing and Composition
Government and Politics

Academic Skills
Executive Functioning
Study Skills
Time Management
Organizational Skills
Critical Reading
Expository Writing
ESL Support

Virtual Learning Experts

IvyWise tutors work with students virtually via Zoom, creating an engaging and dynamic experience using tools like whiteboards and desktop and document sharing. IvyWise tutors have been using Zoom for many years, and are experts at a tool that many educators are just beginning to adopt. Our myIvyWise portal facilitates online collaboration between counselors, tutors, students, and parents. Our robust digital tools enable you to access the best tutors from any location at any time.

Integrated Support

IvyWise tutors will create a customized tutoring plan based on your student’s learning style and the timeline set out by their counselor in order to help them reach their academic and admissions goals. Your student’s counselor and tutors will work together to identify your student’s needs, areas for improvement, and appropriate timeline to help them reach their full potential in and out of the classroom. With the oversight of your dedicated client relations manager, your student’s academic tutoring and test preparation will all be seamlessly integrated into a customized recommendation for maximum impact.

Concierge Tutoring

While IvyWise tutors work virtually with students no matter where they are in the world, some families prefer an in-person tutoring experience on their own schedule and at their preferred location. Whether it’s for a week of in-person tutoring or a full year of academic help, IvyWise offers concierge tutoring services, where a dedicated IvyWise tutor will meet you anywhere in the world to provide unmatched support. IvyWise’s concierge tutoring is a premium service, wherein families cover travel expenses and accommodations for their in-person tutor for whatever length of time their student needs. This is ideal for students who need additional support for virtual instruction during the academic year, ongoing support during school breaks, or focused, intensive tutoring or test prep for an upcoming exam.

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