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Early College Guidance

Early college guidance within a WiseStart™ program sets students on the path to higher education by working with them early to ensure success as soon as they start high school.

Early College Guidance

Starting in middle school, your WiseStart™ counselor will work with your student to lay a solid academic foundation, explore their interests, and identify their short- and long-term goals.

Your WiseStart™ counselor will drive the program, working collaboratively with tutors on academic enrichment and executive functioning, as needed. This team-based approach will support your student through every part of their educational journey, ensuring a seamless transition from middle school into high school and beyond. This includes:

  • Curriculum planning – helping students to get on the best track for high school in sequenced courses like math and sciences
  • Identifying and developing academic and extracurricular interests
  • Developing strong writing, reading, and problem-solving skills
  • Cultivating a habit for reading
  • Developing executive functioning skills
  • Developing time management and proper study skills
  • Developing the ability to self-advocate
  • Learning how to engage in both school community and the community at large
  • Learning cultural humility
  • Developing socio-emotional well-being

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