Admissions Counseling

Initial Consultation

The IvyWise Initial Consultation is the first step in your admissions journey.

The IvyWise Initial Consultation is the first step on the path to a successful application process – whether you’re applying to college, graduate school, or a K-12 program. The Initial Consultation includes an in-depth pre-screen of your student’s profile, a 90-minute meeting, and detailed session notes. Initial Consultations are typically conducted via Zoom, allowing you to connect with counselors no matter where you are in the world. If you prefer an in-person consultation, IvyWise counselors are available to meet at WeWorks offices in their home cities at no additional cost, or we are happy to arrange for counselors to come to you for an additional fee.

During the Initial Consultation students receive:

  • Expert feedback based on students’ academic history
  • A customized evaluation and detailed strategic action plan
  • Recommendations for courses, extracurricular activities, summer experiences, internships, community service, and more
  • A comprehensive standardized testing plan, if applicable

To prepare for this consultation, we first ask that you provide us with all the information about your student that will be considered in their admission process – including transcripts, test scores, resume, interests, activities, experiences, etc. Prior to your consultation, our research team spends hours in collaboration with your counselor as they review your student’s profile and create a customized strategic plan that your student can implement to optimize their admissions process and outcomes.

Your family will then meet with the expert IvyWise counselor of your choice who, having had direct experience in admissions, will explain the holistic admission process and provide comprehensive feedback on how your student’s applicant profile fits into the admissions rubric. Within the consultation, your counselor will provide advice on course selection, extracurricular initiatives, summer programs, standardized testing goals, and, depending on class year, even preliminary advice on best-fit colleges for your student.

Following the consultation, your counselor will present a full report of their advice, including a recommendation for the ongoing IvyWise counseling and tutoring services that best support your student in reaching their personal, academic, and admissions goals.

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