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Just Admit It! College Admissions Podcast

Ready for the truth about college admissions? Get the latest college admissions news and advice in 30 minutes or less from the people who were in the room where it all happens.

Just Admit It! College Admissions Podcast

Ready for the truth about college admissions? IvyWise’s Just Admit It! college admissions podcast features straightforward, practical and up-to-date information and advice for students, families and educators around the world who are navigating the complex college admissions process.

With over 250 years of combined admissions experience at some of the top institutions around the world, IvyWise’s college admissions experts know what it takes to get into your top-choice university. From adapting to the current pandemic situation and brainstorming application essay topics, to building a balanced college list and planning for impactful summer breaks, our former Deans and Directors of Admissions tell it like it really is and provide insight into what universities are really looking for.

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Here’s what listeners are saying about Just Admit It!

“Amazing content and insight. A must listen for student[s], educators, and parent[s] who want the ‘secret sauce’ on admissions. Great work!”

“I’ve learned a lot about the inner workings of college admissions, and colleges as businesses, from just the first episode. I like this level of insight!”

Latest Episodes

In our special Roundtable episode, IvyWise expert counselors Carolyn, Victoria, and Zach review application materials from a pro bono student (with his permission). Below are the materials that they review, so you can follow along!

Just Admit It! College Admissions Podcast Hosts

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