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WiseStart™ – Early Education Consulting & Middle School College Prep

Services for K-8 students to help families choose the right curriculum, gain admission to best fit primary or secondary schools, and provide early guidance to set younger students up for success in higher education.

Plan your child’s education early and with expert advice – it may be the most important thing you can do as a parent

A WiseStart™ with IvyWise program brings a team of experts to serve your family in the foundational years of your student’s education – from providing guidance to you to inform your educational decisions and school choices to supporting your student to find their own path and excel throughout their schooling. Our experience will give you peace of mind, and your student mentorship for optimal results from primary school to college – and beyond! We will design a WiseStart™ program to support your student anywhere in their pre-college path, including counseling for school placement and tutoring and test prep for school academics and admissions.

IvyWise is known around the world as the premier college admissions consultancy, and we recognize that many parents are seeking advice about college well before their students even reach secondary or high school. And the reality is, in today’s fiercely competitive and holistic admission process, students do need to start “preparing for college” even before then. Universities will assess all four years of high school in applications, and students need to hit the ground running. Students need a foundation built in middle school to ensure success not only in high school but in the college admissions process. Our WiseStart™ early college guidance curriculum provides support for your middle school student and transitions seamlessly to our college counseling programs.

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IvyWise can help you select and gain admission to the best-fit school for your child

As a parent, you know education holds the key to your child’s future.  The choices you face to find the right school can be daunting – private, public or parochial, day school or boarding, British or American, AP or IB, language immersion or PBL?  Which school will be the best for your student’s academic and social emotional growth? The options are unlimited and the right answer is as individual as each child.

  • How will the school you choose for your student impact their success and well-being during their school years?
  • How will it factor into their aspirations for higher education?
  • How will your student be evaluated and gain admission to their top-choice schools?

Admission to top private, independent, and boarding schools can be extremely competitive, and you need a trusted guide to help you navigate all these critical decisions. The school placement component of WiseStart™ provides you with that expertise and guidance.

Our WiseStart™ counselors understand the key differences across all the models and how to evaluate the strengths of each individual school to help you identify the right choice for your student. They have served at top independent schools and can guide your family through the competitive admissions process for private, independent, and boarding schools worldwide.

As former college admissions officers, our counselors also know how your student’s school and curriculum will be evaluated in the college admissions process, and they will collaborate with our team of expert tutors to ensure that your student will be successful not only in the school admissions process, but throughout their academic coursework, no matter the level or curricula.

Our WiseStart™ school placement module is available for students of all ages, including those entering private or independent elementary, middle and secondary schools, and boarding schools worldwide.

School Placement Within a WiseStart™ Program Includes:

Identify the best-fit curriculum and school choices
Explain the application process and factors considered
Develop a school list and strategic admissions plan
Help plan and prepare for school tours
Develop a testing and prep plan
Prepare for interviews and playdates
Brainstorm and edit essays
Choose a top choice, write a top-choice letter, and more

Tutoring to Support School Placement and Academic Success

IvyWise tutors work with primary and secondary school students to:

  • Supply academic enrichment
  • promote a love of learning and intellectual curiosity
  • teach foundational executive functioning and study skills
  • support academic excellence and subject mastery
  • ace standardized tests

IvyWise can arrange individual tutoring in all academic subject areas from kindergarten through high school, as well as comprehensive standardized test preparation for the ISEE, SSAT and more. Tutors are matched with students based on the subject area students need assistance with, as well as fit, teaching style, and other parameters.

Within an IvyWise WiseStart™ program your counselor will recommend appropriate tutoring (as necessary) to optimize admissions outcomes as well as ongoing success within your chosen school. Counseling and tutoring are woven seamlessly in your WiseStart™ program under the supervision of your counselor and with the support of a dedicated concierge Client Relations Manager.

Early College Guidance for Middle School Students

Building a lifelong learner starts with a strong foundation. In a WiseStart™ program, students in grades 6-8 work with WiseStart™ counselors and tutors to lay a solid academic foundation, explore their interests, and identify their short- and long-term goals. Your counselor and tutor will offer support for every part of their educational journey, ensuring a seamless transition from middle school into high school and beyond. The core components of early college guidance within a WiseStart™ program include:

  • Building an academic foundation through curriculum planning and identifying and developing academic and extracurricular interests
  • Creating an intentional student through developing executive functioning and socio-emotional skills
  • High school prep and planning by ensuring that students are academically and foundationally prepared for the rigors of a secondary school curriculum

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