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IvyWise Tutoring – Prepare with the Best

Admissions committees evaluate students holistically, with a student’s transcript being the most important element of the application and standardized test scores also playing a key role. IvyWise’s expert tutors support students academically to ensure their transcripts are as strong as possible, and provide comprehensive test prep services to help them to ace standardized tests.

Academic excellence is necessary, but not sufficient on its own to gain admission at the most selective schools. Holistic admissions also places increasing importance on an applicant’s soft factors, as schools are seeking students who will contribute to the community, add to diversity, and who have explored and pursued their academic interests independently. Our tutors have a wide array of academic and professional backgrounds and can mentor students on projects in their areas of interest.

IvyWise tutors have been working with students around the world via Zoom for years, so they are well-versed in creating engaging and impactful virtual learning experiences in order to maximize outcomes. IvyWise tutors can support your student no matter the location, format, subject, or grade level with our customized virtual and concierge, in-person options.

Academic Tutoring

From helping students build foundational academic skills that carry across all subjects, to supporting subject matter expertise, IvyWise expert tutors help students with every facet of their educational goals including:

Math & Science
Computer Science


US History
World History
European History
Writing & Composition
Government & Politics

Academic Skills
Executive Functioning
Study Skills
Time Management
Organizational Skills
Critical Reading
Expository Writing
ESL Support

Project Mentorship

In additional to academic excellence, admissions committees also want to see students who have demonstrated an eagerness to explore and pursue their intellectual interests. IvyWise tutors have a variety of specialties, from art and humanities to business and science, and can help students examine and hone these interests through independent projects from concept to completion. Students come away with solid deliverables they can feature on their college applications. Some mentorship project examples include:

Develop a simple iPhone app or game with Swift

Create a basic computer game using Python

Learn and create financial models in Excel

Research and write a blog about science, technology, and medicine

Produce a professional script for stage or film

Create a cross-media collection of “flash fiction”

Write a sonnet-cycle chapbook

Create a social media account for a historical figure

Engage and immerse yourself in language and culture through social media

Research and publish a piece for submission to an academic journal

Test Prep

Standardized testing remains an important factor in admissions, and IvyWise test prep tutors have vast experience with standardized tests including:

College Entrance Exams
AP Exams

Graduate School Entrance Exams

Elementary & High School Entrance Exams

IvyWise Tutors Have Unmatched Experience

IvyWise Tutors  are the best of the best and have an unsurpassed track record. Our tutors have an average of 15 years of experience and are subject matter experts with advanced degrees in areas like executive functioning, literature, and math. Our test prep tutors have scored in the 95th percentile or above on the standardized test to which they teach and are graduates of some of the world’s top universities. All of our tutors are online learning pros, having worked via Zoom for many years.

Meet a Few of Our Tutors

IvyWise Structures Tutoring and Counseling Together in a Holistic Approach

Comprehensive admission counseling supported by a customized tutoring plan offers the optimal approach to help students gain admission to their best-fit schools. IvyWise’s expert admission counseling and tutoring services are fully integrated, allowing counselors to track students’ tutoring progress towards their goals. We provide families with concierge-level service, shepherding you through the process from beginning to end. While tutoring can be a standalone service, we find the best results when our tutoring services are seamlessly integrated with counseling programs. IvyWise counselors and tutors work together to ensure students are reaching their full potential and are prepared for the rigors of advanced courses, testing, and, eventually, higher education.

Tutoring includes…

Academic support in a variety of subject areas, ensuring students are performing at their best in the classroom and beyond.

Help developing healthy and effective study habits.

Test preparation to help students perform at their best on standardized tests.

Mentoring students on independent academic projects and pursuits.

Counseling includes…

Academic, testing, and extracurricular planning that matches students’ interests and goals.

Guidance on building a balanced list of best-fit schools and admission round strategies for optimal outcomes.

Support with brainstorming, drafting, and perfecting all aspects of applications including all supplemental essays.

Application review and feedback by our entire team of expert counselors.

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