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IvyWise Tutoring – Prepare with the Best

At IvyWise, we know that the two most important factors admissions committees evaluate in applicants are students’ transcripts and, for most US universities, their standardized test scores. IvyWise tutors help students achieve academic success in their regular course work and prepare them to perform their best on college entrance exams. Our tutors are focused on the best possible outcomes for our students, while relieving the anxiety associated with scholastic achievement and standardized testing for both students and their parents.

IvyWise tutors have experience with standardized tests such as:

College Entrance Exams:
SAT Subject Tests
AP Exams

Graduate School Entrance Exams:

Elementary & High School Entrance Exams:

IvyWise can help students excel in all academic course work with tutoring in a variety of subjects including:

Math & Science:

Chinese (Mandarin)

All AP/IB Academic Subjects:
US History
European & World History
English Literature & Composition

Spanish Literature & Culture

IvyWise tutors have unmatched experience

IvyWise Tutors are the best of the best. Our tutors have an average of 12 years of experience, and are subject matter experts with advanced degrees in areas ranging from finance to literature and education. Our test prep tutors have scored in the 95th percentile or above on the standardized test to which they teach and are graduates of top US universities.

Carl is an NYC-based tutor with over a decade of experience in tutoring and test prep.

Seamus has close to 25 years of experience in tutoring and test prep.

Individualized Programs

No matter your tutoring or test prep needs, IvyWise has a program for you. Our tutoring programs are customized specifically for each student, ensuring all individual needs are met. Prior to developing an individualized tutoring plan, we conduct an in-depth consultation, as well as administer and evaluate diagnostic tests, in order to best assess students’ abilities and needs.

IvyWise has tutors around the world, but most tutoring is conducted virtually. Not only does this help students schedule sessions at times that are most convenient for them, but studies show that students actually learn better in an online environment. Our video conferencing with whiteboard capabilities simulates an in-person teaching experience in a digital setting, allowing students to meet with IvyWise tutors at any time of the day from anywhere in the world. Detailed notes for every session are provided for parents and students, providing peace of mind and clear insight into program progress.

In an IvyWise tutoring program, you’ll not only tap the expertise of your master tutor, but you will also enjoy an added level of support and service with a dedicated tutoring manager, helping to seamlessly manage your tutoring program. Our proprietary portal, myIvyWise, makes it easy for students and parents to access tutoring notes and materials, and gain a clearer picture of how students are progressing.

IvyWise structures tutoring and counseling together in a holistic approach.

Comprehensive admission counseling, coupled with academic tutoring and test prep, offers the most thorough approach in helping students to gain admission to their best-fit colleges. IvyWise’s expert admission counseling and tutoring services are fully-integrated, allowing counselors to track students’ tutoring progress and make recommendations accordingly. Our expert support staff allows us to provide families with concierge-level service, shepherding your family through the process with ease and providing you with a stress-free process from beginning to end. While tutoring can be a standalone service from IvyWise, we find optimal results when our tutoring services are seamlessly integrated with counseling programs, giving students comprehensive support throughout their academic programs. IvyWise counselors and tutors work together to ensure students are reaching their full potential and are prepared for the rigors of advanced courses, testing, and, eventually, a college curriculum.

Tutoring includes…

Academic support in a variety of subject areas, ensuring students are performing at their best in the classroom.

Test preparation to help students perform at their best on standardized tests.

Help developing healthy and effective study habits that will carry into college.

Mentoring in language proficiency.

Counseling includes…

Academic, testing, and extracurricular planning that matches students’ interests and goals.

Guidance on building a balanced list of best-fit schools and admission round strategies for optimal outcomes.

Support with brainstorming, drafting, and perfecting all aspects of applications including all supplemental essays.

Application review and feedback by our entire team of expert counselors.

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