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Graduate School Admissions Counseling

Increase your chances of admission to graduate, law, business, or medical school programs by choosing IvyWise as your mentor throughout the process.

Graduate admissions counseling prepares current college students or graduates for the highly-competitive graduate admissions process, whether you’re applying to medical school, law school, MBA programs, or other graduate school programs. 

Prospective students work with IvyWise graduate admissions counselors to prepare for all aspects of the application process in order to have the greatest chance of admission to their best-fit programs.

What Is Graduate Admissions Counseling?

In a graduate counseling program at IvyWise, your counselor will work with you to:

Provide feedback on and make suggestions for additional prerequisite coursework, if necessary
Provide guidance and feedback as you write essays, personal statements, and statements of purpose
Assess work experience, refine resumes/CVs, and compile portfolios
Suggest contacts in your personal and professional network to approach for letters of recommendation
Research and identify schools and programs of interest and prepare for visits, including interviews
Address special circumstances in your application, if necessary

Graduate School Admissions Counseling Services

Medical School Admissions Counseling

The IvyWise team has expert medical school admissions counselors who have held senior admissions positions at top medical schools in the U.S. like Stanford, MIT, and UCLA. Your medical school admissions counselor will work with you to develop an application strategy to help you organize the application process and make it both manageable and effective. Our expert counselors guide you through all aspects of the application process, including researching and identifying schools and programs of interest, planning testing schedules, evaluating MCAT scores, refining your resume, compiling portfolios, preparing for interviews, and more. You will be equipped to present your academic and professional history and goals in the most compelling manner. IvyWise helps alleviate the unnecessary stress and anxiety that may occur when applying to medical school regardless of where you are in the process.

*NEW* Medical School Interview Prep Consultation

If you’re looking for targeted guidance for medical school interviews, IvyWise offers a Medical School Interview Prep Consultation to help you prepare for this crucial part of the medical school admissions process. In the consultation, you will work with one of our expert Medical School Admissions Counselors to understand the different types of interviews and how to prepare for each one you are offered. Our experts will help you tailor your interview responses to highlight your achievements, incorporating information from the AMCAS primary and secondary applications. Your IvyWise counselor will provide you with all the tools necessary to ace your medical school interviews — putting you in the best position for admission to your top-choice programs. To get started with your Medical School Interview Prep Consultation, call us today at +1-212-262-3500.

MBA Admissions Counseling

Our expert MBA admissions counselors will guide you through all aspects of the business school application process, allowing you to present your academic and professional history and goals in a compelling and cohesive manner. You will be advised on all aspects of the business school admissions process, including prioritizing and honing a list of programs to apply to; evaluating application submission timing and strategy; brainstorming, drafting, and editing personal statements and any short-take essays; evaluating resumes, GMAT/GRE scores, portfolio submissions, and/or business plans; preparing for admissions and/or alumni interviews, and more.

Law School Admissions Counseling

Our experienced law school admissions counselors will work with you to develop an application strategy, organize the application process, and help you identify law programs that best suit your needs and goals. Your counselor will guide you through the law school admissions process, including evaluating your undergraduate transcript and LSAT scores, refining application essays, prepping for interviews, selecting professors for letters of recommendation, and more. Your counselor will help you to understand the nuances of the law school admissions process, evaluate offers of admission, and ultimately help you choose the law program that’s the best fit for you.

General Graduate Admissions Counseling

Our expert graduate admissions counselors can guide you through all aspects of the application process, allowing you to present your academic and professional history and goals in a compelling manner. Our counselors will also make sure that your applications effectively communicate who you are to the admissions committees and convey your desire to join a given program. In your graduate counseling program, you will work with your counselor to develop an application strategy, identify additional prerequisite coursework if necessary, prep for interviews, refine application essays, develop a plan for GRE testing, and more.

Meet Nellie, MBA and graduate admissions counselor at IvyWise, and learn about her approach to counseling graduate students.

Graduate Tutoring

In addition to our graduate admissions counseling services, we also offer test prep and tutoring services for students preparing for graduate admission exams and more.

Learn More About IvyWise Graduate Tutoring

How the Graduate School Admission Process Works: Our Methodology

IvyWise takes a holistic approach to counseling by taking into account the whole student and their goals — empowering them to identify and utilize their strengths and interests to craft the most compelling applications.

During the application process, you will work with your counselor to complete your individual applications. Applications are then submitted to the IvyWise Roundtable — a mock admissions committee — for feedback from our entire graduate counseling team, so that you benefit from nearly 80 years of collective admissions and advising experience. The IvyWise Roundtable reviews all aspects of each application, providing constructive feedback that enables students to implement critical changes before submitting and put forward their best possible applications.

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Meet Our Graduate Counselors

IvyWise graduate counselors all have direct experience reading applications and making admissions decisions at some of the top graduate programs in the U.S. They have nearly 80 years of collective experience in graduate admissions and advising: they know what it takes to stand out when applying to graduate programs and how to maximize your chances of admission.

Meet the Full IvyWise Team

FAQ About Graduate Admissions Counseling

What are graduate admissions offices looking for in my application, and how will my IvyWise counselor help?

Graduate admissions officers are looking at a variety of components in your applicant profile including: undergraduate transcripts and GPA, test scores from relevant admissions exams, your resume, letters of recommendation, writing samples, an interview, and your application essays. Through each application, admissions offices are looking for fit to their school and program. How have your accomplishments led you to apply to this school/program? Why do you want to attend? What will you add to the institution? What will you do with a degree from this school upon graduation? An IvyWise graduate admissions counselor will help weave the answers to these questions through your application materials, painting a clear picture of why you are best suited for their program and how you will positively contribute to their campus.

What will my graduate admissions counselor and I work on throughout my program?

Your IvyWise counselor is available to assist you with any and all pieces of the application process for medical, MBA, law school, or general graduate school admissions. Whether you are seeking support on early application tasks such as refining your resume, finding suitable programs, or building a school list — or simply want expert guidance on your application essays — your expert counselor is ready to meet your needs through a personalized program.

What will my graduate admissions counseling meetings look like?

Throughout your program, you will meet with your counselor to review the various elements of your application profile. In early meetings, you may be discussing ways to bolster your profile with additions of leadership positions or volunteer opportunities. In meetings closer to your application season, you and your counselor will discuss a school list and application strategy. When the time comes to complete your applications, you and your counselor will spend time editing your essays and carefully crafting them to tell your unique application story. Upon submission, your counselor is available to help you prep for interviews, address any questions that arise, advise on a deferral/waitlist strategy, and help you select the best-fit school in which to matriculate.

Why should I work with an IvyWise Graduate Admissions counselor?

The graduate school admissions process is competitive, and the majority of applicants are well-qualified for the programs to which they apply. An IvyWise counselor will provide expert guidance on how to make your application stand out from that crowd. All of our counselors have sat in the room where admissions decisions are made and know how to highlight aspects of your profile that will give you the best chance of admission. In an IvyWise graduate admissions counseling program, you will have the added benefit of our IvyWise Roundtable and the collective experience of our larger counseling group, wherein our entire grad counseling team reviews your application and provides recommendations for improvement.

Interested in a Graduate Admissions Counseling Program at IvyWise?

It all starts with the Initial ConsultationThe IvyWise Initial Consultation is the first step on the path to a successful graduate admissions process. Following a thorough review of your profile, you’ll meet with the IvyWise expert counselor of your choice for 90 minutes to go over a personalized, strategic action plan to help you achieve your academic and personal goals. This consultation also allows your counselor to make the best recommendation for ongoing work to fit your needs.

To learn more and enroll in an Initial Consultation, call us today at +1 (212) 262-3500.

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