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Academic Advising

Our advisors provide expert guidance to help college students make informed decisions about majors, graduate programs, and career paths.

Why Academic Advising?

You’re in college – now what? This period of self-exploration and learning is exciting, but students still need expert guidance when deciding on their major, career, and future as they grapple with who they are or who they want to become.

Strong guidance during this critical time keeps students on track to graduate on time and can also help students outside of the classroom. Your academic advisor is with you from day one, providing guidance for first-year students adjusting to college life all the way to seniors to prepare for what’s next. Our expert advisors have worked with students in every aspect of college advising and know how to help students make the most of their experience and tap into the various resources available to them directly on their campus.

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Being an Intentional College Student

Academic Advising isn’t just about helping students pick their classes. At IvyWise, we work with students to help them have an intentional undergraduate experience by providing expert guidance to establish solid academic and professional goals. Our advisors work in collaboration with students to sift through hundreds of potential majors and careers to find the path that best suits their personalities, passions, and professional goals so they are motivated, happy, and intentional about their education – leading to college success.

“Studies have shown that a lack of clarity around one’s academic interests and career goals can delay graduation, leading to increased college costs, and decreasing a student’s motivation to stay in college. According to a recent study, just one extra year of college can cost around $68,000.”

IvyWise Academic Advisors Will:

Provide advice on majors/minors, requisites, and grade goals
Review your course selection
Ensure you are staying on track to achieve your academic, personal, and career goals
Advise on extracurricular endeavors and research opportunities
Help you take advantage of everything your school has to offer
Discuss post-graduate plans, including relevant graduate school programs and suitable career paths
When appropriate, provide guidance on prerequisites in relation to admission to graduate school programs and bring in the right IvyWise experts for support during the graduate admissions process
Determine if and when a student might need to transfer and bring in the right IvyWise experts for assistance with the transfer admissions process

Meet Our Academic Advisors

Our expert Academic Advisors have extensive experience shepherding students through every facet of the college experience. From course selection and new activities to career guidance and personal support, our experts are here to lift the burden of uncertainty and ensure that you have the most joyful and successful college experience possible.  

Academic Support and Tutoring for College Students

Achieving your academic and professional goals isn’t just about choosing the right major or courses – you also need to be performing well academically. At IvyWise we have a team of tutoring experts and skills coaches to help you not only excel academically in college but also develop the executive functioning and study skills necessary to succeed in graduate school and the workforce. IvyWise counselors and tutors work together to maximize student outcomes and ensure that you are reaching your personal and academic goals with customized academic support and executive functioning coaching.

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