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Support and strategic admissions planning for applying to a competitive private, independent, or boarding school.

School Placement and Admissions Support

Whether you’re interested in finding the best primary school for your student, looking to apply to competitive private or independent schools, or want to gain admission to the best-fit boarding school for your student, WiseStart™ provides support through any part or the entirety of the admissions process, providing your family with unparalleled guidance from start to finish.

Your WiseStart™ counselor will work with you to understand the school placement process and develop a strategic admissions plan to help your student gain admission to their top-choice schools. Your counselor will also work with your student to ensure that they are not only academically prepared for the primary or secondary admissions process, but that they are presenting their best self throughout the process. This includes preparing for interviews, working on executive functioning and socioemotional skills, and more.

Your WiseStart™ counselor will work with you to:

  • Understand the intricacies of the primary/secondary application and admissions process
  • Research appropriate school options and develop a balanced list of schools based on your student’s needs and desires
  • Develop a strategic admissions plan to help your student have the best chance of admittance
  • Plan and prepare for school tours
  • Prepare for interviews and playdates
  • Brainstorm, draft, edit and revise essays in order to perfect them and put together cohesive, compelling applications
  • Choose a top-choice school, write a top-choice letter, and more

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