School Placement Admissions Services for Primary and Secondary Students

IvyWise provides expert support and strategic admissions planning for applying to competitive private, independent, and/or boarding schools through our WiseStart™ program.

What Is School Placement Admissions?

School Placement Service IconSchool placement is guided support through the admission process for primary, secondary, day, and boarding schools for K-12 students. WiseStart™ School Placement services provides guidance through the entirety of the school admissions process, from deciding where to apply to crafting compelling applications, acing interviews, implementing a test prep plan, and choosing where to enroll once acceptances are in.

Primary and Secondary School Admissions Support

As a parent, you know that education holds the key to your child’s future. The choices you face to find the right school can be daunting — private, public or parochial, day school or boarding, British or American, AP or IB, language immersion or PBL? Which school will be the best for your student’s academic and social-emotional growth?

The options are unlimited, and the right answer is as individual as each child. Whether you’re interested in finding the best primary school for your student, looking to apply to competitive private or independent schools, or want to gain admission to the best-fit boarding school for your student, WiseStart™ offers support through any part or the entirety of the admissions process, providing your family with unparalleled guidance from start to finish.

Our WiseStart™ counselors are school placement experts, working with students to gain admission to the most competitive private, independent, and boarding schools in the world.

Choosing Schools: How IvyWise Works with Families

Your WiseStart™ counselor will help you navigate the placement process and develop a strategic admissions plan to help your student gain admission to their top-choice schools. Your counselor will work with your student to ensure that they are not only academically prepared for primary or secondary admissions, but that they are also presenting their best self.

School Placement Guidance includes:

Insight into your student’s school options, including an examination of public vs. private school options and what’s the best-fit for your student’s needs and goals
Explanation of the intricacies of the primary/secondary application and admissions process including how your student’s profile will be evaluated
Research on appropriate school options and help developing a balanced list of schools based on your student’s needs and desires
Developing a strategic admissions plan to help your student have the best chance of admittance
Planning and preparing for school tours and prep for interviews and playdates
Guidance brainstorming, drafting, editing, and revising essays in order to perfect them and put together cohesive, compelling applications
Choosing a top-choice school, writing a top-choice letter, and more
Recommendations for tutoring and executive functioning coaching, as needed

Who Can Benefit From School Placement Admissions Support?

Our School Placement admissions service is designed for families seeking the best-fit primary, secondary, independent, or boarding schools for their children but need guidance on where and how to apply for admission. Our WiseStart™ School Placement counselors are experts in the various types of schools across the globe and will give personalized guidance on how to stand out in the K-12 school admissions process. 

School Placement support is also beneficial for families that are looking to get a head start on the college admissions process through Early College Guidance, as students’ schools can impact how they are evaluated when it comes time to apply to college senior year.

School Destinations: Where IvyWise Students Have Gained Admission

We’ve helped students gain admission to private, independent, and/or boarding schools across the globe including but not limited to:

“IvyWise is a terrific option for a family seeking top-level advice and insight into the application process. IvyWise counselors are experienced, dedicated, and committed to your student’s success. Like any relationship, it is only as strong as the student’s commitment to take full advantage of what IvyWise has to offer. If your student is prepared to dig in and work hard, you can’t find a better partner.” — Parent

School Admissions and Academic Support

Academic performance and test scores are a critical part of the independent school admissions process, and our counselors can make recommendations on how to improve your student’s academic record, test scores, and executive functioning skills as part of their School Placement program.

At IvyWise, we have a team of expert tutors and test prep experts who can help your student get on track with their academics, improve their organization and study habits, and reach their goal scores on placement exams like the SSAT, ISEE, SHSAT, and more.

Tutoring and test prep support, along with executive functioning coaching, can be seamlessly integrated into your WiseStart™ program with School Placement, ensuring that your student is fully supported from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions About Independent School Admissions

When should we start the primary and secondary school admissions process?

You should start the school placement admissions process in the fall the year before the grade of entry. So, if you’d like your child to start at an independent or private school in kindergarten you should start the fall your child goes into Pre-K. If your child is applying to independent, private or boarding school in 9th grade, you should start the process in the fall of 8th grade. This gives families plenty of time to research and build a balanced list of best-fit schools, visit, and prepare for testing, applications, and interviews. The earlier you start, and with the proper guidance, the less stressful the process will be.

What testing is required for private school admission?

Independent schools require applicants to complete either the SSAT or ISEE, so check with each school on your list about which they prefer, although most will accept either. Testing is a critical part of the independent and boarding school admissions process, so it’s important that students receive proper test preparation beforehand. At IvyWise, we have a team of dedicated tutors to help students perform their best on the SSAT or ISEE, working in collaboration with your WiseStart™ School Placement counselor to ensure that your student is getting the most comprehensive support and guidance while preparing for these tests.

How do we decide on the best schools for our child?

First, you need to consider what kind of school would be the best fit for your child based on size, location, and academic offerings. Do your research to learn as much as you can about how different schools meet your student’s needs and goals. At IvyWise, our WiseStart™ counselors can help you sort through the myriad of school options and help you develop a balanced list of target, reach, and likely schools that are a good fit for your student.

What are some of the qualities that private and boarding school admissions officers look for in a prospective student?

Private and boarding schools are looking for students that are academically, emotionally, and socially prepared to thrive at their schools. They want students that are not only prepared for the academic rigor, but that are also mature and able to handle and increasingly rigorous curriculum. In addition, schools want to understand what role your student will play in their community –will they participate in certain clubs, athletics, visual or performing arts, etc.

What is the best way for my student to prepare for their interview?

Practice with expert guidance is important when preparing for admissions interviews. Schools use the interview to get to know students and determine if the student is a good fit for the school’s curriculum and culture. It is also a good time for families to determine if the school is a good fit for their student and family. So, it’s important for students (as well as parents) to be themselves, but also have proper preparation for what to expect. At IvyWise, we work with student (and parents) to help them prepare for school admissions interviews so that they leave the best impression.

How will our counselor support our family as we write both the student and parent essays for our applications?

At IvyWise, our School Placement counselor will work with students and parents through every step, from inquiry to admission to your students’ best fit school. This includes essay writing, with brainstorming, drafting, editing, and revising, interview prep, and serving as a guide to ease the pressure of the admissions process. Our School Placement counselors are all former admissions officers at top independent and private schools, so they know what admissions offices are looking for in both the parent and student essays. They help families craft compelling application essays to give students the best chance of admission.

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