IvyWise’s research services provide students with the edge they need to stand out in the selective admissions process.

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Information Is Key

Research is one of the most important, and perhaps most frequently overlooked, elements of the college preparation and application process. When applying to college, students need to become experts in those schools in order to demonstrate their interest, as well as work to become a specialist in their area of interest. In addition to our college counseling services, IvyWise provides stand alone research services to help students reach their full potential and put together the best possible college applications. The IvyWise research team provides students with customized, in-depth research that allows students to be best prepared when crafting essays, prepping for interviews, campus visits, and more. Research is seamlessly integrated into the counseling process, giving students everything they need in order to make informed choices about activities, college lists, summer programs, and more.

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Initial Consultation

As part of the Initial Consultation process, students receive customized research that features recommendations for courses, extracurricular activities, summer experiences, internships, community service, and more.

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College and University Research Reports

IvyWise provides customized, in-depth research to give your student an edge when preparing for interviews, applications, campus visits, and essay writing. Each report consists of about 30 pages and is tailored to your student, taking into account his or her background, interests, and goals, including courses and professors of interest, campus organizations and activities, opportunities for research, athletic opportunities if applicable, campus support and resources, and more. These reports can help your student identify why a school or program is a good fit and what contributions he or she could make to the classroom and community.

Summer Activity Planning

Colleges want to see students staying engaged over the summer months, and IvyWise can help identify programs of interest, gather and organize any application information and deadlines, suggest alternative activities or programs, and more. Our research staff will work in conjunction with your IvyWise counselor to ensure we are providing you with the most comprehensive and inclusive summer program and activity suggestions that meet your student’s needs and goals.

Campus Visit Planning

IvyWise helps organize the logistics and agenda for all your campus visit planning needs. We can group schools by geographic area and plan transportation options to each location, as well as provide hotel options. We will create a detailed itinerary for each day, reserve spaces for both parent and student information sessions and admissions tours, as well as arrange meetings with professors of interest if applicable.

Post-Graduate or Gap Year Counseling

Gap years are more popular than ever. IvyWise helps you determine if a gap year would be right for you. Our counselors will advise you on post-graduate options and recommend opportunities that will fuel your passions. Whether you intend to spend your time traveling, working, volunteering, or learning, our counselors will work with you one-on-one to help you make the most of this time and experience. You can continue to work with your counselor for college admissions counseling as well.