About IvyWise


Our address is 501 Madison Avenue, between 52nd and 53rd Streets. There are many parking garages near our offices and we are accessible via the B, D, E, F, M, and 6 subway lines.
Absolutely. Our counselors and tutors work with students all over the US and throughout the world. We are able to work with students in person or remotely via Internet video, phone or email, depending on your preference. Our myIvyWise portal makes it easy for families to keep track of notes, session times, scheduling, and more, no matter where they are. Our Client Relations Team, which supports your IvyWise experience to ensure a seamless process, makes it easy maintain a line of communication throughout your program. All of our students, regardless of location, benefit from our unique methodology and team approach. We have found that our students who work with us remotely have proven to be equally as successful as students who meet with their counselor in person. Our counselors and tutors do travel, and are able to meet with students wherever they are.
We welcome the opportunity to work with all students and their families and we work on a first-come, first-serve basis. Our goal is to use our knowledge and experience to make the college admissions process a smooth and rewarding one for your family. Our students represent many different academic, extracurricular, and cultural backgrounds. Each student has unique goals and we focus on finding the schools that will be the best academic and social fits for each individual student.
We have a number of different counselors and tutors with varying schedules, in all time zones, so that we can be as accommodating as possible. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST. However, we can arrange evening and weekend appointments as well, and our counselors and tutors can work with students virtually through online mediums such as Skype. We pride ourselves on our availability and accessibility.
Yes, Dr. Kat does work with students, however, she takes on only a limited number of students each year and books out many years in advance. Please contact us to inquire about her availability for your student. Regardless of whether Dr. Kat works personally with your student, your child will benefit from her expertise. As an IvyWise student, your student will receive personalized one-on-one guidance from his or her counselor and tutor, and also benefit from the collective knowledge of our entire team, which includes Dr. Cohen.
Each student is welcome to select the counselor or tutor that he or she wants to work with, but we can certainly help! We focus on finding the counselor or tutor that best matches your student's personality, interests, learning style, schedule, and your family's budget. Get to know our counselors and tutors by reading their bios, or call (212-262-3500) or email ([email protected]) the IvyWise office - our team would be happy to help you identify the counselor or tutor who would be a good fit for your son or daughter.
Because of our team approach, our statistics are in aggregate and we don't track by counselor. Each IvyWise student gets the benefit of our entire team's expertise, while working one-on-one with his or her counselor. Regardless of the counselor that your student works with when he or she applies to college, your student's college list, resume, and application essays will be reviewed by the entire IvyWise team of expert counselors, including our CEO, Dr. Kat Cohen.
An independent counselor can supplement your school counselor's efforts by providing additional personalized guidance throughout the college admissions process. This can include working with you to develop a balanced college list, helping you create your activity list, preparing you for interviews and college visits, explaining the admissions process to you, and helping you with brainstorming and editing components of the application. At IvyWise, we guide students and their families through every step of the school admissions process so that they can identify the schools that will be the best academic and social fits for them, and then we work with each student to help him or her portray the best and most comprehensive representation of who they are to the admissions committees of their chosen schools. An independent counselor will not contact an admissions office on behalf of the student, nor can an independent counselor get a student admitted. Be wary of anyone who promises to get you into an Ivy League college - no one can guarantee admissions and this violates the ethics of the profession.
No. We know that each student is different and has unique goals and aspirations. Our focus is to help each student find the schools that will be the best matches for him or her, where he or she will be happiest and thrive. This year, our students received more than 425 acceptances to over 170 different colleges and universities.
Prior to the consultation, your counselor will perform an in-depth review of your student's dossier, including transcripts, test scores, student and parent questionnaires, and more. This requires us to obtain information from you as well as coordinate with our research team in order to ensure the most productive consultation possible. You’re welcome to call us at 212-262-3500 for specific information about scheduling an Initial Consultation. We’ll need to first set up an account in our proprietary web portal, myIvyWise, where you’ll be able to submit the required materials. Upon receipt of those materials, the IvyWise enrollment team will be in touch to schedule your Initial Consultation. Please note that in order to give our counselors ample time to review, we require the materials at least 5 business days prior to your consultation.
Our IvyWise college counselors specialize in US, Canadian, or UK admissions. Our K-12 counselors have knowledge of independent schools around the world, and can provide guidance on the admissions process for K-12 programs internationally and boarding schools.
Admission guidance depends on factors and information unique to your student and his/her academic and personal history and goals. Therefore, we need to do a thorough review of your student's history in order to provide advice and accurate and comprehensive answers to questions. Hence, we do not provide advice or guidance without an Initial Consultation. You are welcome to ask your counselor specific questions during the Initial Consultation.
It varies for each student and depends greatly on several factors, including your student's academic and personal history and his or her college admissions goals. The first step is setting up an Initial Consultation. Following the Initial Consultation, your counselor will suggest the best program for your student based on his or her grade, goals, and the amount of guidance he or she will need. We are happy to customize a program to fit your needs and your budget.
IvyWise programs for college-bound students typically begin in 9th grade. Our comprehensive counseling programs will allow your student to receive guidance prior to the start of the application process, which generally begins in the winter of junior year. We encourage students to start the college preparation process as soon as possible, but we are happy to work with students at any point throughout the process. In addition to our comprehensive counseling programs for high school students, we also offer short-term programs for high school seniors and transfer students.
Our students are our number one priority and we strive to find the best fit for your family. We offer flexible payment options and the opportunity to customize your student's program, to help your family make the most of the IvyWise experience. IvyWise also offers pro bono services to selected students in 11th and 12th grades. For more information, please visit our IvyWise Gives Back page.
Unfortunately we cannot accommodate this request. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us and our families and we do not release identifying information about our families unless expressly granted. Of course, you can expect the same level of confidentiality as an IvyWise family. We understand that you may want to hear from former families first-hand and we have provided student and parent testimonials on our website for this purpose. We are proud to say that one-third of IvyWise students are referrals from current or former families.