Seniors: Get a head start on your college apps this summer!

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Begin your admissions journey with our free guides and checklists.

Free Downloads and Guides

Get on track with your college prep with our free downloads and guides from our team of college admissions experts with over 400 years of experience.

The college admissions process is complex, and many families struggle with where to start and how to navigate the process. At IvyWise we aim to demystify the complicated admissions process by providing comprehensive resources from our team of experts.

College Planning Checklist

Colleges look at all four years of your high school record when evaluating applications, so it’s critical to start your college prep early! Here’s what you should be doing NOW and in the future to prepare for the college admissions process.

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2023-24 College Admissions Guide

Want some insight into the current college admissions cycle from our team of expert counselors? Our 2023-24 College Admissions Guide provides a detailed look at the upcoming admissions process and what students need to know when applying to college this fall.

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U.S. Admissions Guide for International Students

The U.S. admissions process is different from any other university system in the world. Our free U.S. Admissions Guide for International Students will help you navigate the nuances of the U.S. university application process no matter where you are in the world.

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