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NYU vs Columbia: Which School Is the Better One?

NYU vs Columbia: Which School Is the Better One?

NYU vs Columbia When students are interested in going to school in New York City, there are often two colleges that come to mind: NYU and Columbia. Although these institutions are located in the same metropolitan area, there are several key differences that distinguish the colleges from one another.
Test Score Submit Rates for Class of 2025

Test Score Submit Rates for Class of 2025

Percentage of SAT and ACT Score Submissions for the Class of 2025 The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the way higher education institutions review applications with many colleges choosing to adopt a temporary test-optional application review process. However, with record-breaking applicant pools and record-low admit rates, families are worried that test-optional may not really mean test-optional at all.
How to Get Into Stanford: All You Need to Know

How to Get Into Stanford: All You Need to Know

How to Get Into Stanford: All You Need to Know While Stanford may not technically be part of the Ivy League, the school’s academic caliber—not to mention its competitive acceptance rate—rivals that of Harvard and Yale. Many students are eager to gain a spot at the top-tier university, which has a wide array of renowned programs including engineering and environmental science.
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