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IvyWise Partnerships

For 20 years IvyWise has served as the premier global educational consultancy working with families worldwide to empower students to achieve their personal and academic goals. Through our methodology, which emphasizes the discovery and development of students’ passions and abilities, our unparalleled admissions expertise, concierge customer experience, and proprietary technology, we have helped students in over 40 countries find success, not only in the college admissions process, but in all aspects of their lives moving forward.

The IvyWise partnership program allows your organization to provide our highly sought after consultancy services to your constituency in order to demystify the college admissions process and allow students to reach their highest potential.

Who Partners With IvyWise?


IvyWise works in partnership with a variety of educational institutions including independent day and boarding schools around the world. Each school is unique so IvyWise customizes each partnership to suit the needs of the school. For some, IvyWise experts provide professional development and coaching to college counseling staff. For others our advisory services are provided directly to students as an integrated part of their school curriculum. IvyWise partner schools enjoy additional benefits such as informational seminars for parents and students led by our expert counselors and tutors. Learn more about IvyWise’s School Partnerships »

Private Businesses & Financial Institutions

IvyWise provides customized concierge services and client events for a variety of businesses and financial institutions. From seminars for private bank brokers and clients, to exclusive access and discounts on our services as an employee benefit, we partner with businesses to add in-demand incentives. Learn more about IvyWise Speakers and Events »

Community-Based Organizations & Nonprofits

IvyWise believes in the importance of making an impact in both local and global communities. This includes expanding the reach of our services to those without the means to access them otherwise. IvyWise is proud to partner with a variety of CBOs and other nonprofit organizations to provide events and customized services to help guide a wide variety of students through the college admissions process – regardless of location or other predetermined circumstances. Learn about our IvyWise Gives Back initiative »

IvyWise Partnership Can Include:

Comprehensive or Supplemental College Counseling

IvyWise can help drive the college counseling program at your school, by offering our over 150 years of direct admissions experience to aid students in selecting and applying to their best-fit schools. Whether you need a full-service plan to help jump-start your college counseling office, or supplementary college admissions seminars to aid your existing college guidance curriculum, IvyWise can customize a partnership to meet all of your needs. Learn more about IvyWise’s School Partnerships »

Speakers and Events

IvyWise has been invited to speak about every aspect of the college admissions process around the world for clients including private banks, leadership organizations, and educational institutions, to name only a few. Our speakers are expert college counselors and we craft customized and informative presentations tailored to your audience. From small, interactive sessions to larger seminars, IvyWise experts deliver unique insight to your audience. Learn more about IvyWise Speakers and Events »

Other Services

IvyWise can work with your school, business, or organization to craft the best-fit partnership to meet your needs and budget. Contact us using the form below to learn more about our partnership services.

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