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The IvyWise Roundtable

The IvyWise Roundtable is key to our team-based counseling approach.

Receive the benefit of our entire team’s expertise

The IvyWise Roundtable is a unique experience that you can’t find at any other educational consultancy. As part of our team-based approach to counseling, students benefit from the entire team’s expertise in addition to one-on-one guidance with their dedicated admissions counselor.

The IvyWise Roundtable process simulates the real-world admissions committee that is found at top universities across the US. During students’ senior year when they are embarking on the college application process, our entire team of counselors meets weekly, reviewing students’ college lists, Common Apps, personal statements, supplements, and more, giving students the advantage of feedback before submission. Students enrolled in IvyWise long-term programs have unlimited access to the IvyWise Roundtable, ensuring that they’re able to get the most comprehensive feedback throughout the entire application process.

Watch the video below to learn more about the IvyWise Roundtable experience!

How It Works

The IvyWise Roundtable meets one per week during the college application season which runs from August 1 to January 1. Once seniors have a draft of their college applications, including but not limited to their Common Application, personal statement, supplements, college list, activity list, and more, they will then submit their materials to their counselor for the upcoming IvyWise Roundtable. During the Roundtable, IvyWise counselors recreate the committee review process, going through every submitted application and associated materials and discussing students’ strengths, areas of improvement, and more. Feedback is provided by the entire team of expert counselors, which is then compiled by students’ individual counselors. Students then meet separately with their counselors to review the Roundtable feedback and come up with a strategic plan to implement all suggestions, ensuring that students are submitting the strongest applications possible. All elements of the Roundtable review process, from submitting application materials to receiving feedback from the team, is all facilitated through the myIvyWise portal, giving students a user-friendly and efficient means to receive and incorporate all of the group feedback.

Why It’s Beneficial

The holistic admissions process is complex and our counselors, with their extensive experience at a diverse array of colleges and universities in the US, know what goes into making these difficult admissions decisions. The IvyWise Roundtable gives students the opportunity to have all their application materials reviewed multiple times by this mock admissions committee, giving them valuable feedback that they can’t get anywhere else. This allows students to receive an extra layer of support from the entire team of expert college admissions counselors in addition to their personalized, one-on-one counseling.

What Students Receive

The IvyWise Roundtable provides a wide range of feedback on all aspects of the college application, including but not limited to how student’s essays could be received by admissions committees, what will stand out and what might fall flat in supplements, how to adjust activity lists to better present a specialty, what schools on a balanced college list might actually be a higher reach than previously thought, and more. This level of feedback is unprecedented and can’t be found at any other educational consultancy. After receiving IvyWise Roundtable feedback, students will work one-on-one with their individual counselor to implement all changes needed in order to have the best chance of admission to their top-choice schools. Students can then reenter their materials the IvyWise Roundtable as many times as needed in order to ensure their applications are the best representation of who they are as a student and person before submission.

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