Test Prep Programs

When families think of college admissions requirements one of the first thing that comes to mind are competitive standardized test scores. At IvyWise, we realize the importance of these test and the anxiety they can cause parents and students. We’re here to take the pressure off and ensure students perform at their best on test day.

Every student who works with IvyWise is given a free testing diagnostic for both the SAT and ACT. The diagnostic tests are scored and analyzed by our team to provide each student an individualized assessment of their performance, with recommendations on which test is most appropriate for their abilities and what tutoring services are needed to help them reach their goal scores.

We Get Results

IvyWise tutors have rigorous experience with standardized tests, achieve superior results, and stay up-to-date on all testing changes and methodology. Our tutors have an average of 12 years of tutoring experience, and have scored in the 95th percentile or above on the standardized test to which they teach. IvyWise tutors are academically gifted and have a demonstrated record of helping students identify, meet, and exceed their goals. We provide complementary diagnostic exams to assess your student’s starting point and use those results to formulate a personalized plan to address your students areas for improvement. We continue to use diagnostic exams throughout the tutoring program to monitor your student’s progress throughout the length of the tutoring program. Our proprietary curriculum allows for a customized approach that gets the results needed to help your student meet his or her admission goals.

On average, students who complete 40 or more hours of tutoring with an IvyWise tutor increase their SAT scores by 200 points, but we have seen committed students raise their scores by as much as 650 points. The average ACT score improvement is 6 points with some IvyWise students increasing their scores by 14 points! Score improvements on SAT Subject tests average 120 points.

Sample IvyWise Tutoring Results

Flexible Test Prep Programs

With experience working on long-term strategies and quick-turn results, our tutors are seasoned in putting together customized plans and timelines that will maximize score increases.

Premium Tools and Access

IvyWise tutors can work with your student in home or virtually via video conferencing and desktop sharing any time of the year, in any time zone. Parents and students have 24/7 access to the IvyWise online portal, myIvyWise, our proprietary web communications tool and student resource to track test results, access tutoring notes and their testing timeline. Your family’s client relations liaison will also work with your tutor to ensure your scheduling and logistical needs are met, and help with developing and maintaining your testing timeline, guaranteeing a streamlined experience.

College Entrance Exams

We don’t just know the test – our tutors have taken them and aced them. Often Ivy League graduates, our tutors have scored in the 90th percentile on their standardized tests and have at least 10 years of experience tutoring for exams. IvyWise tutors take all exams regularly and stay abreast of testing trends and news.

Before an IvyWise test preparation program begins, a testing expert will determine whether your student is better suited for the SAT or ACT and provide a recommended testing timeline and preparation strategy based on these diagnostic results. This preliminary evaluation ensures efficient use of time and resources.

IvyWise test prep experts help prepare you for:

— all SAT Subject Tests
— all AP Exams
— A Levels

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Elementary and High School Entrance Exams

IvyWise tutoring provides individual, comprehensive test preparation for admissions to private and boarding schools. Exams include standardized tests like the ISEE, SSAT, SHSAT, and HSPT.  IvyWise does not provide tutoring for Pre-K or ERB preparation.

Sample IvyWise Tutoring Results

Sample IvyWise Elementary Tutoring Results

Graduate School Entrance Exams

With a program customized for your individual path and professional life, IvyWise tutors focus on the specific areas that need strengthening and teach at the pace appropriate for you. IvyWise tutors are well versed in preparing potential graduate students for all graduate school tests:

— GRE Subject Tests