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IvyWise test prep tutors help students ace admissions exams, from SSAT and ISEE, the SAT and ACT, all the way to grad-level exams.

Standardized testing in admissions is present at every level. Whether your student is applying to private elementary or secondary school, college, or graduate school, they may be required to take an entrance exam as part of their application. At IvyWise, we realize the importance of these tests and the anxiety they can cause parents and students. We’re here to take the pressure off and ensure students perform at their best on test day with customized test prep.

No matter your student’s admission goal, we have test prep experts to help them maximize their outcomes, either as part of a standalone test prep program or integrated into your student’s admissions counseling services. From the ISEE and SSAT, to the SAT and ACT all the way to the GRE, GMAT, and more, IvyWise has a test prep expert to help. IvyWise will work with you to develop a customized test prep plan, guiding your student through the nuances of the test, content, test-taking strategies, and more in order to help them reach their goal scores.

We don’t just know the tests. Our tutors  have taken them and aced them.

They are graduates of some of the world’s top universities, have scored in the 95th percentile on their standardized tests, and have an average of 15 years of test prep experience. IvyWise tutors take all exams regularly and stay abreast of testing trends and news.

College Entrance Exams

AP Exams

Graduate School Entrance Exams


Elementary and High School Entrance Exams


We Get Results

IvyWise tutors have a demonstrated record of helping students identify, meet, and exceed their goals. Our curriculum allows for a customized approach that gets the results needed to help your student meet their goals.

Virtual Test Prep Experts

IvyWise tutors work with students virtually via Zoom, creating an engaging and dynamic experience using tools like whiteboards and desktop and document sharing. IvyWise tutors have been using Zoom for many years, so they are experts with a tool that many educators are just beginning to adopt. Our myIvyWise portal facilitates online collaboration between counselors, tutors, students, and parents. Our robust digital tools enable you to access the best tutors from any location at any time.

Our tutors have experience working on long-term strategies and quick-turn results, and are seasoned in putting together customized plans and timelines that will maximize score increases.

Integrated Support

IvyWise tutors will create a customized tutoring plan based on your student’s learning style and the timeline set out by their counselor in order to help them reach their academic and admissions goals. Your student’s counselor and tutors will work together to identify your student’s needs, areas for improvement, and appropriate timeline to help them reach their full potential in and out of the classroom. With the oversight of your dedicated client relations manager, your student’s academic tutoring, test preparation, and independent intellectual pursuits will all be seamlessly integrated into a customized recommendation for maximum impact.

Concierge Tutoring

While IvyWise tutors work virtually with students no matter where they are in the world, some families prefer an in-person tutoring experience on their own schedule and at their preferred location. Whether it’s for a week of in-person tutoring or a full year of academic help, IvyWise offers concierge tutoring services, where a dedicated IvyWise tutor will meet you anywhere in the world to provide unmatched support. IvyWise’s concierge tutoring is a premium service, wherein families cover travel expenses and accommodations for their in-person tutor for whatever length of time their student needs. This is ideal for students who need additional support for virtual instruction during the academic year, ongoing support during school breaks, or focused, intensive tutoring or test prep for an upcoming exam.

College Entrance Exams

When families think of college admissions requirements one of the first things that comes to mind is competitive standardized test scores. At IvyWise, we realize the importance of these tests and the anxiety they can cause parents and students. We’re here to take the pressure off and ensure students perform at their best on test day.

IvyWise test prep experts help prepare you for:

  • SAT
  • ACT
  • PSAT
  • all AP Exams
  • A Levels

test-prep-service-iconThe SAT and ACT are critical components of the college application process, as well as the PSAT. Every student who works with IvyWise is given a free testing diagnostic for both the SAT and ACT, known as the SAT/ACT Challenge. The diagnostic tests are scored and analyzed by our team to provide each student an individualized assessment of their performance, with recommendations on which test is most appropriate for their abilities and what tutoring services are needed to help them reach their goal scores. This preliminary evaluation ensures efficient use of time and resources.

Other Entrance Tests IconTest scores don’t just include the SAT or ACT. Colleges also look at AP/IB scores, A-levels, and other exams like the TOEFL, when applicable. IvyWise provides test prep support for all of these exams, ensuring students are maximizing their performance on test day. After taking a diagnostic of these exams, your IvyWise test prep expert will put together an evaluation with information on areas where students need to improve and an appropriate test prep timeline.

On average, students who complete 40 or more hours of tutoring with an IvyWise tutor increase their SAT scores by 200 points, but we have seen committed students raise their scores by as much as 650 points. The average ACT score improvement is 6 points with some IvyWise students increasing their scores by 14 points!

IvyWise provides support for:

  • ISEE
  • SSAT
  • HSPT

Elementary and High School Entrance Exams

IvyWise tutoring provides individual, comprehensive test preparation for admissions to private and boarding schools.

*IvyWise does not provide tutoring for Pre-K or ERB preparation.

Graduate School Entrance Exams

With a program customized for your individual path and professional life, IvyWise tutors focus on the specific areas that need strengthening and teach at the pace appropriate for you. IvyWise tutors are well versed in preparing potential graduate students for all graduate school tests:

IvyWise provides support for:

  • GMAT
  • LSAT
  • MCAT
  • GRE
  • GRE Subject Tests

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