Class of 2020 Early Application Numbers

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

AdobeStock_180753081Some Colleges Report Increase in Number of Early Decision and Early Action Applications

As regular decision deadlines approach, some information is tricking out about early decision and early action applications for the class of 2020.

Some schools have released their early application numbers, with Ivy Leagues Dartmouth, Princeton, and Penn reporting slight increases in the number of early applicants this year. Of the elite schools that have released early application numbers so far, Yale is the only to report a slight dip in early applications – less than 1%

As the admissions process becomes more competitive, more students are choosing to apply to their top-choice colleges in the early round, hoping to benefit from higher admission rates.

Here are some of the available early application numbers for the class of 2020:

SchoolEarly Application NumbersChange from Class of 2019
Dartmouth College1,897+2%
Northwestern University3,022+12%
Princeton University4,614+9.4%
University of Georgia14,516+10%
University of Pennsylvania5,629+2.5%
Yale University4,662-0.6%

Early admission decisions are typically released in mid-December. As we do every year we will begin publishing early decision notification dates as soon as schools make them available.

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