Class of 2025 Early Admission Rates

Monday, January 4, 2021

class of 2024 early admission ratesHere are the Early Admissions Statistics for the Class of 2025

The first members of the college class of 2025 are in! Here’s our breakdown of the early admission numbers for the class of 2025. More decisions will be released this month and into January, along with statistics, so we will be updating as more information becomes available!

Early Admission Rates

The 2020-2021 academic year has certainly been unlike any other, and college admissions are no exception. The class of 2025 has faced an unprecedented number of changes, including canceled SAT/ACT dates and extended admissions deadlines. Many students also made the shift to temporary online learning arrangements and faced cancellations and restrictions around extracurricular activities.

So, how have these changes impacted college admissions rates? Some schools have had record-setting applicant pools, while overall applications are down compared to this time last year. To learn how the schools on your best-fit list fared, check out our chart with early admission rates below:

SchoolClass of 2025 Early Admission Rate
Brown University16%
Columbia UniversityTBA
Cornell UniversityTBA
Dartmouth College21%
Duke University16.7%
Emory UniversityED I: 39%
Georgetown University10.8%
Harvard University7.4%
Johns Hopkins UniversityED I: 19%
Middlebury CollegeTBA
Rice University16%
University of Notre Dame21.6%
University of Pennsylvania15%
University of VirginiaED: 32.9%
Williams CollegeTBA
Yale University10.5%


Often, instead of an acceptance or rejection, applicants are deferred – meaning their application will be reviewed again within the regular decision pool. Deferred students will have to wait until March or April for a decision on their application.

If you were deferred in the early round, here’s what a deferral means and how you can improve your chances of admission in the regular round. At IvyWise we work with students to counsel them through their deferral decisions, including how to approach it and what their application strategy should be for the regular round. Contact us today for more information on our Deferral Consultation.

IvyWise Live: What to Know About Deferrals

Watch our expert counselors answer some of your most pressing deferral questions. Check out the recording of the IvyWise Live webinar What to Know About Deferrals.

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