Class of 2026 Admission Rates

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Class of 2023 Early Admission RatesStudents navigating the college admissions process continue to experience unique challenges and changes, including the announcement of an entirely digital SAT, continued test-optional policies, increasing application numbers, and more students applying to even more colleges than ever before. All of this has led to an even more competitive year at the most selective colleges in the US, while other schools plan to admit more students than ever before in order to manage enrollment numbers. Read on for our comprehensive list of admission rates for the class of 2026.

Class of 2026 Application Numbers

As far as application numbers go, many schools saw applications skyrocket as more students chose to apply to a wider range of schools in light of widespread test-optional admissions policies. Overall the Common Application saw a 21.3% increase in submitted applications over last year.

Class of 2026 Admit Rates

Below are some available admission rates for the class of 2026. Check back for updates as colleges continue to release regular admission decisions and more statics become available!

SchoolClass of 2026 Admission RateClass of 2025 Admission Rate
Barnard College 8.00%10.40%
Boston College 16.40%18.90%
Boston University 14.00%18.30%
Bowdoin College 8.92% 8.80%
Brown University 5.00% 5.50%
Bucknell University32.55%34.50%
Colby College 7.45%8.00%
Claremont McKenna10.30%11.24%
Colgate University 12.34%17.20%
Colorado College16.30%14.25%
Columbia University 3.73% 3.90%
Cornell University Not Releasing Data ~8.70%
Dartmouth College 6.20% 6.17%
Duke University 6.20% 5.70%
Emory University 15.80%20.40%
Georgetown University 12.10% 12.00%
Harvard University 3.19% 3.43%
Harvey Mudd13.36%9.99%
Johns Hopkins University 6.48% 7.40%
Middlebury College 11.50% 15.70%
MIT 3.96%4.00%
New York University 12.20%12.80%
Northwestern University 7.00% 6.80%
Pomona College7.02% 6.60%
Princeton UniversityNot Releasing Data 3.98%
Rice University 8.56%9.30%
Smith College22.86%29.91%
Stanford UniversityNot Releasing Data 3.95%
Swarthmore College 6.95%8.00%
Tufts University 9.00%11.00%
Tulane University11.45%9.63%
University of California Berkeley11.39%14.53%
University of California Los Angeles8.56%10.76%
University of Chicago5.44%6.20%
University of Notre Dame12.87%14.60%
University of PennsylvaniaNot Releasing Data5.68%
University of Southern California11.88%12.00%
University of Virginia18.68%20.60%
Vanderbilt University6.10%6.7%
Washington University in St. Louis10.00%13.00%
Wellesley College13.00%16.00%
William & Mary33.50%36.50%
Williams College8.50%8.00%
Yale University4.40%4.62%


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