Admissions Counseling

Specialty Counseling
for HS Students

At IvyWise, our process and methodology empower students to achieve their personal and academic goals throughout high school, the college admissions process, and beyond. This includes offering a range of services that extend beyond the broad umbrella of admissions consulting to a variety of specialty areas. In addition to general counseling and tutoring services, we also offer targeted specialty services geared towards applicants who have specific admissions needs or requirements, including athletic recruitment, deferral or gap-year advising, learning differences, and more.

For families able to contribute, philanthropic giving can enhance higher education interests and put students in a unique position in terms of admission. At IvyWise, we provide development and philanthropic counseling with a former Ivy League development and admissions officer with over 20 years of experience. Through a development consultation families can learn the nuances of development and how it factors into the admissions process. Our experienced counselor will explain the development process from the point of view of a highly selective university, discuss development priorities and methods for pledging or making a major gift, and connect your family to the appropriate development contacts at each university.
Finding a relevant internship that provides students with valuable, hands-on experience in a field of interest can be an important piece of the college admissions puzzle, and can help set students apart in the selective admissions process. Through IvyWise’s internship consultation, our consultant will help students identify programs of interest and place them in relevant and exciting research opportunities and internships, including projects in computer science, genomics, math, engineering, social entrepreneurship, and more. Your internship consultant will also serve as a mentor, ensuring you are prepared for the internship and will support you throughout the experience, including aiding in submitting work for publication or competition upon completion of the internship.
The world of collegiate athletics can be complex. The IvyWise Athletics Program guides families through the intricacies that student athletes may face if they plan to compete inter-collegiately in NCAA Division I, II, or III. Our Athletics Program combines athletic recruitment with college admissions counseling. Your student’s athletics counselor is an expert in athletics recruitment, including the NCAA Clearinghouse, recruiting rules, coach communications, scholarship issues, and more. In this program, your student’s IvyWise athletics counselor will:
  • Assess athletic goals
  • Explain the role athletics will play in the admissions process
  • Interview you and your student to clarify needs and goals
  • Evaluate the student’s competitive athletics history by reviewing videotapes
  • Analyze performance statistics
  • Observe the student’s playing skills first-hand (depending on location)
  • Solicit coach evaluations
  • Match the student with the appropriate athletics level (Division I, II, or III)
  • Guide the student in preparing the athletics resume and highlight reel
  • Guide the student in obtaining letters of recommendation
  • Discuss college options after acceptances are received

Learn more about applying to college as a recruited athlete here.

Our counselors have worked with thousands of students, each with unique talents and aspirations. In recent years our students have applied to and been accepted to schools such as RISD, Juilliard, California Institute of the Arts, Eastman School of Music at the University of Rochester, Parsons The New School for Design and Pratt Institute, among others. For students applying to an art or music program, an IvyWise counselor can help you showcase your talents in a creative and engaging way and can provide feedback on your portfolios of extra materials (such as art work, recordings, written pieces, etc.), while explaining how these supplements fit into the larger application picture. As part of our team approach, your portfolio or supplement will be reviewed by our team of counselors and advisors, including former admissions officers and deans of admission.
Our counselors have experience advising students with learning differences, whether you are seeking specialty high schools and colleges with LD support or wanting to address learning differences in an application. We work hand-in-hand with your family and doctors to give your student the confidence and tools to achieve his or her goals. Our counselors are trained in reading and understanding psych-ed evaluations and how their results affect your child in and out of the classroom. IvyWise helps make the college application process a productive and stress-free experience:
  • We provide information, checklists, and reminders to keep your student on track.
  • Your student’s counselor will also stay in constant communication with your family, providing you with a recap of each IvyWise session so that you are always informed.
  • Your family will have access to our Client Relations Manager, who will work closely with your family toanswer any questions you may have and will supplement the support your child receives from his or her counselor.
As an extension of our counseling and tutoring services, IvyWise also works with a trusted partner for neuropsychological testing and evaluations. Our expert consultant offers assessments that target cognitive, social/emotional, and executive functioning, and evaluations appropriate for gaining testing accommodations, pursuing Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), determining the best-fit path for schooling, and maximizing a student’s educational potential. Read more about our trusted neuropsychological partner, Dr. Anya Barak.
IvyWise can also assist students applying to UK universities. Your counselor will advise you on all aspects of the UCAS form, as well as all aspects of applications to private universities or colleges, while also providing guidance on essays, references, and more. Our IvyWise counselors are knowledgeable about unique UK requirements, such as predicted grades and Firm and Insurance offers.