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At IvyWise, our methodology empowers students to achieve their personal and academic best throughout high school, the college admissions process, and beyond.

At IvyWise, our methodology empowers students to achieve their personal and academic best throughout high school, the college admissions process, and beyond. This includes offering a range of services that extend beyond general college admissions consulting to a variety of specialty areas. In addition to general counseling and tutoring services, we also offer targeted specialty services geared towards applicants who have specific admissions needs or requirements including development and financial aid consulting and more.

Development Consultation

Enhancing philanthropic giving is important to all colleges and universities, and can play a unique part in the college admissions process in some circumstances. At IvyWise, we provide development and philanthropic counseling with a former Ivy League development and admissions officer with over 20 years of experience. Through a development consultation families can learn the nuances of development and how it factors into the admissions process. Our experienced counselor will explain the development process from the point of view of a highly selective university and discuss development priorities and methods for pledging or making a major gift.

Financial Aid Consultation

Financial aid is an important component of the college admissions journey for many families, and it can be a complicated and confusing process. In the IvyWise Financial Aid Consultation, our financial aid expert will meet with your family to discuss your current financial background, college list, any special circumstances, and how to best approach the financial aid process, including the FAFSA and CSS profile. This consultation can also include guidance on how to interpret financial aid awards and how to negotiate for more financial aid if necessary. Our financial aid expert will work with you to develop a financial aid strategy that will be the best-fit for your family’s needs and goals.

Additional Specialties

IvyWise counselors have specialties in a number of specific areas, that can be utilized during a student’s regular college counseling program to help them reach their college admissions goals. Counselor specialties include:

  • Athletics: The world of collegiate athletics can be complex. IvyWise counselors can guide families through the intricacies that student athletes may face if they plan to compete inter-collegiately in NCAA Division I, II or III. Your student’s athletics counselor is an expert in athletics recruitment, including the NCAA Clearinghouse, recruiting rules, coach communications, scholarship issues, and more. Meet our counselors who specialize in athletics: Nat, Juaquin, and Amy.
  • Arts and Music: For students applying to arts or music programs, an IvyWise counselor can help you showcase your talents in a creative and engaging way and can provide feedback on your portfolios (such as art work, recordings, written pieces, etc.), while explaining how these supplements fit into the larger application picture. In recent years our students have applied to and been accepted to schools such as RISD, Juilliard, California Institute of the Arts, Eastman School of Music at the University of Rochester, Parsons The New School for Design and Pratt Institute, among others. Meet our counselors who specialize in arts and music: Kelly, Rachel, Cara, Victoria, and Scott.
  • Learning Differences: Our counselors have experience advising students with learning differences, whether you are seeking specialty high schools and colleges with LD support or wanting to address learning differences in an application. We work hand-in-hand with your family to give your student the confidence and tools to achieve their goals. Our counselors are trained in reading and understanding psych-ed evaluations and IEPs and how they impact your child in and out of the classroom. Meet our counselors who specialize in LDs: McGreggor, Alisha, and Amy.
  • UK Admissions: IvyWise can also assist students applying to UK universities. Your counselor will advise you on all aspects of the UCAS form, as well as all aspects of applications to private universities or colleges, while also providing guidance on essays, references and more. Our IvyWise counselors are knowledgeable about unique UK requirements, such as predicted grades and Firm and Insurance offers. Students may work with IvyWise to apply to UK institutions independent of or in addition to their work with IvyWise in applying to US schools. Meet our counselors who specialize in UK admissions: Meg, Alisha, and Katie.

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