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Principal College Admissions Counselor

MBA Admissions Counselor

Former Assistant Director of Admission at MIT and the MIT Sloan School of Management


Kayon is a former Assistant Director of Admission at MIT and the MIT Sloan School of Management. 

At MIT, Kayon reviewed first-year and transfer applications, helping to build those well-rounded classes every year, as well as applications to the Sloan School of Management. She directed the Deferred MBA program, including the application review, interviewing, selection, matriculation, and programming, as well as managed and built out Sloan’s Early MBA program. This extensive experience has given her comprehensive insight into the nuances of the MBA admissions process. She also previously worked in admissions at the University of Rochester, where she reviewed applications for dual bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in epidemiology and engineering, as well as applications for the BA/BS + MD program.

Kayon graduated from the University of Rochester with a degree in environmental studies before earning her master’s degree in educational leadership and policy at Boston University. She has extensive experience reviewing applications for a variety of interests across all backgrounds and understands what it takes to stand out when applying to a wide range of colleges and universities. During her time in admissions, Kayon reviewed applications from across the country and internationally, with particular emphasis on applications in New England and the San Francisco Bay Area including Palo Alto. She understands the high schools that applicants are coming from in those areas, as well as the intricacies of applying to US universities from the Caribbean and other British-system schools.

Her experience at MIT and the University of Rochester makes her a great-fit for students applying to business, STEM, engineering, pre-medical and BS/MD programs, as well as MBA programs. While she has extensive business and STEM experience, Kayon also enjoys working with students who need a little more help overall identifying their passions and developing their interests.

As a counselor, Kayon is extremely organized and a planner. She likes to look ahead at the bigger picture and students’ ultimate education and career aspirations and use her extensive experience in admissions and advising to work backward to develop the steps needed to help them achieve those goals. That includes working with students to find the interests, courses, activities, and schools that will fuel their passions and help them stand out in the highly-competitive admissions process. Kayon likes to take a direct and positive approach to managing student and family expectations and serves as the student’s guide and advocate throughout the entire process.

Kayon is a cheerleader for her students, working to calm any anxieties that students might have around this process with humor, positivity, and a high-energy approach. She also enjoys working with parents just as much as the students, ensuring that they are as informed and involved as they want to be during this exciting time. Her favorite thing about working with students is watching them learn new things about themselves during this process and helping them find new ways to express those identities. Being a teenager is a transformative time, and Kayon enjoys being part of that period of growth with students.

In her free time, Kayon enjoys traveling, dining out, and playing competitive rounds of Taboo. She enjoys travel, especially to the American Southwest, and dining out at her favorite Thai and BBQ spots. Kayon also loves sports and on Sundays during the NFL season you can find Kayon cheering on her beloved Green Bay Packers. When she’s not catching the latest Packers game, Kayon turns her attention to the latest Formula 1 racing.

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