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Premier College Admissions Counselor

Former Senior Assistant Director of Admission,
Georgetown University


Robin specializes in students applying to highly selective schools, transfer students, students interested in the liberal arts and humanities, and students interested in a wide range of schools.

Robin is a former Senior Assistant Director of Admission at Georgetown University and a former Admissions Officer at Vanderbilt University. Robin has also worked as a college counselor and taught English at private high schools.

Robin earned her BA in English at Vanderbilt University and an MA in English at the University of Virginia. After graduating from Vanderbilt, Robin worked as an admissions officer reviewing applications and coordinating campus visit programs, kicking off her college counseling career that has spanned over 20 years.

Robin then worked as a Senior Assistant Director of Admissions at Georgetown, reviewing both undergraduate and transfer applications. In her time in admissions, Robin has reviewed thousands of applications, including those from students applying to language and linguistics programs. Robin has extensive experience reviewing applications from students all across the US, so she knows how to help students stand out in the admissions process.

As a counselor, Robin really enjoys helping students discover what their “story” is and how to illustrate that in their applications. The essay has always been her favorite part of the application process, both as a counselor and admissions officer. She enjoys working with students to help them find compelling essay topics that will encourage admissions officers advocate for them. Robin takes a student-centered approach to counseling, ensuring that students feel empowered to navigate the process.

In her spare time, you can find Robin playing with her two dogs Miley and Sequoia and volunteering at the local humane society. Robin is also a part-time fitness instructor and avid runner, as well as a fervent reader.


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