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Academic achievement isn’t just limited to grades. IvyWise tutors can help your student boost their applicant profile through independent projects and initiatives.

Project Mentorship Service IconAs a team of former admissions officers, we know colleges want to see students engaging in their academic interests outside of the classroom, and with traditional activities and programs disrupted, students need new and innovative ways to continue to explore their interests and stand out when applying to college.

One way to become a specialist in an area of interest is through independent projects and initiatives. IvyWise tutors have a variety of backgrounds and specialties in areas such as business and finance, computer science, acting and theater, creative writing, and more, and can guide students through an independent project in their field of interest with a final product that they can include in their college applications to enhance their applicant profile.

Families who work with our expert tutors will receive a comprehensive plan that clearly lays out a detailed picture of the final product and a timeline for its completion. Tutors will share their specialized knowledge and skills with students while also holding them accountable for the quality and timely completion of each step of their projects.

Students will complete these projects with the mentorship of their expert tutor in tandem with their counselor, whose expertise in admissions will ensure that their independent work will fit into their overall applicant profile and have maximum impact.

Examples of Mentorship Projects:

If you have a passion for the arts…

Carrie can guide you in creating a website for your art and using it to raise money for a good cause.

If you’re interested in technology or programming…

Brian can mentor you through developing a basic computer game using Python.

If history is your thing…

Jonathan can help you create a social media account for a historical figure or submit a research paper on your favorite history topic for publication.

If you want to learn more about business…

Priyam can mentor you through building financial models in Excel.

If you’re an aspiring writer…

Work with Joey to write a sonnet-style chapbook or produce a professional script for stage or film.

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