Class of 2020 Yield Rates

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

 Harvard Class of 2020 Yield RatesColleges Report Matriculation for the Class of 2020


This college admissions season saw record-low admission rates, but what colleges are really concerned about is yield – the percentage of admitted students who enroll. Yield rates for the class of 2020 are starting to emerge – giving prospective students a better picture of the most recent freshman class.Why does yield matter?

There’s a lot that goes into building a class. Everything that colleges do throughout the year all leads up to that May 1 enrollment deadline. Yield is important because it sets the tone for the next academic year and the next admissions season. Everything, from class size to program funding and more, factors in yield.

Increasingly, colleges are finding it harder and harder these days to predict yield, because students are applying to more colleges than ever before. Since yield is becoming to hard to predict, colleges are using strategies like early application rounds and demonstrated interest to increase and better gauge yield for the next class. This is important information for students just starting the college admission process, as it helps them understand what colleges are looking for and how they can use that to their advantage.

Here are some of the available yield rates for the class of 2020 and yield rates for the class of 2019 for comparison.

SchoolClass of 2020 YieldClass of 2019 Yield
Brown UniversityTBA56%
Columbia UniversityTBA63%
Cornell UniversityTBA51%
Dartmouth College53.1%50.3%
Georgetown University48%47.6%
Harvard University80%81%
Princeton University68.5%67.7%
Stanford UniversityTBA81.1%
University of Chicago66%61%
University of Pennsylvania68-69%66%
Yale UniversityTBA69.5%


We will update this list as more information becomes available so be sure to check back!


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