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Colleges that Accept Many Students Through Early Decision

Students who are interested in applying Early Decision likely have many questions about the process. From what the timeline looks like to how this process will impact their admissions odds, there are a multitude of queries that go through every applicant’s mind.

Admissions rates are frequently top of mind, as students are eager to gauge their chances of acceptance. While the admittance rate is quite low at some colleges, other institutions admit a large majority of the applicants who opt to submit applications through Early Decision. Curious which schools fall into this latter category? We’ve rounded up a list of colleges that accept many students through Early Decision below:

Colleges that accept many students through Early Decision

While choosing to apply in the early rounds is a major decision, it can be an excellent opportunity for students to boost their admissions odds and finalize their college plans well in advance. If you are preparing for the upcoming college application cycle and considering applying Early Decision, don’t forget to research the specifics of the process and weigh how it aligns with your needs and goals. Our team of college admissions experts can help applicants make the most of the process by devising a strategy that aligns with personalized aims.

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