Seniors: Get a head start on your college apps this summer!

IvyWise + Emirates NBD

Scholar Plus Education Loan

Help your student reach their higher education goals with IvyWise and the Emirates NBD Scholar Plus Education Loan

IvyWise + Emirates NBD

Through this exclusive partnership, families who secure the Emirates NBD Scholar Plus Education loan will receive a 5% discount on IvyWise college counseling services.

IvyWise can help you get into your best-fit college

IvyWise has been helping students achieve their university admissions goals for over 22 years, and our team of expert college admissions counselors has over 400 years of combined admissions experience. Whether your student is in 8th grade wondering which classes to take as high school approaches, a senior already engaged in the college application process, or even a current college student considering a transfer, IvyWise offers comprehensive, individually tailored programs to help guide you throughout the entire process. Our proven methodology ensures that students get into their best-fit colleges and our results speak for themselves, with 92% of IvyWise students gaining admission into one or more of their three top-choice schools in 2019.

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