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McGreggor, M.D.

Premier College Admissions Counselor
Medical School Admissions Counselor

Former Director of Selection,
MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology


McGreggor specializes in medical school admissions, STEM programs, international students, graduate admissions, transfer admissions, students interested in a wide range of schools, and students seeking admission to highly selective schools.

As a former Director of Selection at MIT, member of the Harvard Medical School Admissions Committee, and premedical advisor at MIT, McGreggor has over 12 years of direct experience in admissions.

McGreggor graduated Phi Beta Kappa from MIT with a biology degree and holds an M.D. from Harvard Medical School. He previously served as the pediatric chief resident at Mass General Hospital in Boston, and is currently a Gastroenterology fellow at Children’s Hospital.

As a counselor, McGreggor specializes in graduate and medical school admissions, using his previous experience to help applicants identify and apply to the programs best suited for their needs and goals. McGreggor also works closely with high school students interested in pursuing STEM majors, as well as students applying to highly selective institutions. He is most proud of his work with younger students, who have gone on to do some amazing research and community service projects.

At MIT, McGreggor worked closely with his colleagues to create the freshman class each year, and is particularly fond of his experience working with international students, those who are the first in their families to go to college, and underrepresented students.

Ultimately, he hopes to be a pediatrician working with sick children with liver, pancreatic, and intestinal diseases. He lives with his pediatrician wife, Sarah, in Cambridge, and the two of them frequently compete over who has the cutest patients. He has a “working” command of the Spanish language, and enjoys cooking, eating, and traveling. His favorite places to visit are Vietnam, Burma, Iceland, and Japan, but he hopes one day to go to Brazil to learn the samba and eat as much feijoada as possible.


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