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Former Admissions Counselor/Director of Multicultural Affairs at Miss Porter’s School and Associate Director of Admissions and Recruiting at Horace Mann School


Cheryl is a former Admissions Counselor/Director of Multicultural Affairs at Miss Porter’s School, and previously served as the Associate Director of Admissions and Recruiting at Horace Mann School, Director of Admissions at Green Acres School, Educational Advisor at Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, and Senior Recruitment and Enrollment Specialist at the College of Professional Studies at George Washington University.

Cheryl graduated from Adelphi University with a B.A. in Speech Arts, Theatre and Drama and a minor in Psychology. With over 30 years of experience as an educator, she worked as a kindergarten assistant, Adult Basic Education instructor at a Joint Security complex, and a middle school speech, drama and media communications teacher before going into admissions at private day and boarding schools and working at a foundation for high-achieving students from low-moderate socio-economic backgrounds. Cheryl has more than 16 years of experience in working directly in outreach, and over 18 years of experience in admissions and selection. She has also spent several years as a radio and television announcer as well as doing voiceover work for educational videos.

Working in the role of admissions, Cheryl specializes in making her students (and their families) feel connected, supported, and prepared when applying to private schools. Cheryl has always loved working with students and ushering them through the admissions process to assist them in finding the school that’s the best fit for them – where they don’t just survive, but thrive in their school community.

Cheryl’s approach is open and friendly, but truthful and realistic. She is extremely flexible and can work with families who are very new to the admissions process as well as those who already have some experience with the process. Her priority is to get students to find their voice so that they are able to communicate with their interviewer to assess whether the school would be a good fit for them.

In her spare time, Cheryl likes to travel, spend time with her family and friends, work on voiceover opportunities, read, and watch HGTV.

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