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Master College Admissions Counselor
Academic Advisor

Former Admissions Officer,
Vanderbilt University


Carolyn specializes in students applying to competitive and/or highly selective schools, students interested in a wide range of schools, and students looking to uncover their passions.

Carolyn is a former admissions officer at Vanderbilt University, and has almost a decade of college counseling experience, both as an admissions officer and a school-based counselor, affording her the unique perspective of someone who has worked on both sides of the desk.

After graduating with her BA in English from Vanderbilt, Carolyn went on to teach high school math for two years before returning to Vanderbilt to earn her master’s in education policy. It was then she discovered her passion for the admissions process and took a role as an undergraduate admissions officer.

At Vanderbilt, Carolyn was involved in every part of the recruitment and admissions process. The committee review process was Carolyn’s favorite part of evaluating applications at Vanderbilt, and it was there she learned the nuances of how applicants are read and the importance of every piece of the college application.

Carolyn also previously served as a school-based counselor, becoming the Dean of College Counseling at a prestigious charter school in Nashville. She also served as the Associate Director of College Access at another local high school, establishing the school’s college counseling program and ushering hundreds of students through the college admissions process.

As a counselor, Carolyn loves using humor to connect with students and finding unique ways to inspire and motivate them to get excited about the application process. Drawing the connections between where students are and what they care about to where they want to be is key in her work with students, and she works with them to build the skills that are going to help them succeed in the admissions process and beyond.

In her free time, Carolyn loves reading, taking her dog, Goose, to the park, spending time with her family, and honing new skills like knitting!


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