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The IvyWise Team

IvyWise brings together an elite team of expert admissions counselors, tutors, researchers, and concierge-level client relations managers to provide unparalleled counseling, tutoring, and research services.

Expert Admissions Counselors

Our experience speaks for itself. IvyWise’s team of expert college admissions counselors and advisors are all former Deans and Directors of admission with over 400 years of collective experience in undergraduate admissions at top schools in the U.S., as well as nearly 80 years of direct experience in graduate admissions and advising and close to 100 years of experience in college guidance roles at top independent and private schools.

Every member of our expert team has evaluated thousands of college, graduate, and independent school applications and sat in committee — making tough decisions in the rooms where it all happens. They know every type of school system and curriculum, how applications will be read, how to advise students, and what it takes to stand out.

Meet the IvyWise Team


We can help you find the best-fit counselor for your needs and goals!

Our expert enrollment advisors can help match you with the counselor who’s the best fit for you. Contact us today for more information on how to get started with IvyWise and choose the counselor that will help you achieve your personal and academic goals.

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IvyWise Tutors are the best of the best. Our academic tutors and test prep experts have an average of 15 years of experience, and are subject matter experts with advanced degrees in areas ranging from finance to literature and education. They are focused on the best possible outcomes for our students in all education and grade levels, while relieving the anxiety associated with scholastic achievement and standardized testing for both students and their parents. Our test prep tutors have scored in the 95th percentile or above on the standardized test to which they teach and are graduates of top US universities.

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IvyWise has an entire staff dedicated to supporting our team of counselors and tutors and providing our families with concierge-level service. Starting with our expert enrollment coordinators who help families find the best-fit services for their needs, our knowledgeable research team and high-touch client relations managers who help guide families through their experiences from start to finish, our marketing team that aims to bring the latest news and information to help families demystify the process, and our dedicated business development team that works to expand IvyWise’s services to families across the globe, everyone on the IvyWise team works together to ensure that families are getting the most out of their IvyWise programs.

Meet Our Staff
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