7 Cool College Courses

Friday, November 16, 2018

7 Cool College CoursesHere are Some of the Most Fun, Unusual, and Quirky College Courses

College course options aren’t just limited to statistics and Biology 101! In addition to one-of-a-kind traditions and unique spooky stories, many universities have an array of specialized course offerings that are tailored to student’s interests, current events, and trends.

While there are a multitude of factors that should go into your college application and enrollment decisions, checking out a university’s course offerings is a great way to gauge what kind of learning opportunities are available on campus. From a tree climbing class to a lecture on American food, keep reading to learn about some of the most unique college classes across the country.

Tree Climbing at Cornell University
Channel your inner child while fulfilling a physical education requirement with this course dedicated to mastering the art of tree climbing. According to the university’s website, the course will “teach you how to get up into the canopy of any tree, move around, even to climb from one tree to another without touching the ground.”

Magic, Witchcraft, and Healing at the University of Southern California
A major draw for college-aged Harry Potter fans, this anthropology course explores witchcraft through an academic lens. The semester-long class also covers witch doctors, priests, diviners, and traditional healers in Western and non-Western societies, so students will walk away with a thorough understanding of magical practitioners of all sorts.

Desperate Housewives of the 19th Century Novel at New York University
If you live for “trashy” television with dramatic story lines, this interdisciplinary class offered at NYU may be just the course for you. According to the school’s website, the class will “explore controversial novels in which female characters struggle with lives largely limited by the cultural stereotypes of the Angel in the House and the emerging New Woman”.

Happiness, Death, and the Meaning of Life at Oberlin College
Big-picture thinkers and philosophy-lovers will flock to this lecture, which doesn’t shy away from trying to answer life’s biggest questions. Be ready to discuss mortality and how death relates to meaning, if death is truly a bad thing, and what needs to exist for a life to have meaning.

American Food at Wesleyan University
Food lovers and history buffs alike will be drawn to this course, which investigates topics in the history of food production from the colonial period to the present. Get ready to explore the development of national markets, the mass production of food, and the recent emergence of organics, slow food, and local movements.

Lies My Ancient History Teacher Taught Me at the University of Pennsylvania
This unique course aims to explore some of ancient history’s most noted events, such as the Peloponnesian War and the rise of the Roman Empire, through a combination of modern scholarship and ancient sources. In addition to acquiring an in-depth knowledge of these noted events, students will learn about the controversies and debates that continue to rage in contemporary scholarship.

Vampires, Castles, and Werewolves at Yale University
Students with a passion for scary stories and gothic literature will be drawn to this horror-focused lecture. The class focuses on eighteenth and nineteenth century gothic fiction and the persistence, resurgence, and adaption of gothic tropes in recent film and television. As an added bonus, students can expect to watch excerpts of Inception, Black Swan, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer throughout the semester.

Whether you’re a history buff or a reality television fiend, college is all about exploring and refining your unique interests and the subjects you are passionate about. Don’t be afraid to do your research and delve deeply to learn more about the kinds of courses you are most interested in. If you’re looking for extra guidance, our team of admissions counselors can help you refine your college list and pinpoint programs that align with your interests and long term goals.

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