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Our pro bono college counseling program serving high-achieving, low income students across the US.

IvyWise Scholars Pro Bono College Counseling Program

The IvyWise Scholars program offers free college admissions guidance from IvyWise experts to high-achieving, low-income students in order to help them reach their college goals – providing support through every facet of the application and selection process. Our goal is to empower students to achieve their personal and academic goals, discover and develop their passions, and find success in the admissions process and beyond.

Here’s what our pro bono students and families have to say about the IvyWise Scholars program:

The 2022-23 IvyWise Scholars application is now closed. Stay tuned for the launch of our 2023-2024 IvyWise Scholars application in future months.

IvyWise Scholars Program Overview

The IvyWise Scholars program is a combination of college counseling and tutoring, where students are guided through the admissions process by an IvyWise expert college counselor, with additional support from IvyWise tutors to help them achieve their academic goals through tutoring, test prep, and/or completing an independent project. This program provides comprehensive admissions support throughout Scholars’ entire application process, supporting them to complete around 6-8 full college applications by the end of the program.

Pro Bono College Counseling

The IvyWise Scholars program includes personalized college counseling guidance from our expert counselors, all of whom are former Deans and Directors of Admissions from some of the top colleges and universities in the US. Scholars will be guided through the college admissions process with individual one-on-one counseling, allowing them to maximize their program time and gain a full understanding of the college admissions process. IvyWise Scholars also have access to the IvyWise Roundtable, allowing them to benefit from the entire team’s expertise as they put the finishing touches on their college applications.

Tutoring/Project Mentorship

IvyWise Scholars receive 10 hours of tutoring for use as needed, either for academic tutoring, test prep, or customized project mentorship guidance. Through project mentorship, Scholars are paired with a tutor that will guide them through an independent project from start to finish with a deliverable at the end that they can highlight on their college applications.

Do I Qualify As An IvyWise Scholar?

High School Student Applying to College

Minimum 3.5 GPA

Household income less than $75,000 per year

US Resident

The Application Process

In order to be considered for the IvyWise Scholars program, you will need to fill out a preliminary application. After all preliminary applications are in, we evaluate all the information provided and reach out to applicants for supplementary materials to confirm eligibility, like transcripts and parents’ tax return(s) from the most recent calendar year. All information will be reviewed only by our executive team and be held in the strictest confidence. During the application review period, we may ask for an additional interview in order to help learn more about you, your interests, and college goals. 

In the preliminary application we typically ask for: 

Information on applicants’ interests, college goals, intended major, extracurricular activities, and more.

An essay asking: What are your college goals and what have you done thus far to achieve those? (250 words)

A 1-2 minute video essay on the prompt: How would becoming an IvyWise Scholar help you reach your higher education goals?

Ready to Apply?

The IvyWise Scholars program includes a comprehensive pre-approval followed by a comprehensive application review process.  Please stay tuned to our website and social media pages for updates on our 2023-24 IvyWise Scholars application.  Be sure to register for our mailing list for the latest news!

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