College Acceptance Rates, Then and Now

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

College Acceptance Rates, Then and Now

undergraduate admissionsThis summer, as many rising seniors create their college list, we remind our students that there are no guarantees when it comes to college admissions. Admission at the nation’s most selective schools has become much more competitive over the past decade. To add some perspective, keep in mind that parents of today’s high school students likely applied to college 20 or more years ago.

We thought our students and parents would enjoy taking a look at the acceptance rates at some of today’s most selective schools, including Ivy League schools, then and now:


School                   2012 Acceptance 2012 Applications 1992 Acceptance 1992 Applications
Brown University  9.6% 28,742 23% 12,184
Columbia University  7.4% 31,851 28% 6,582
Cornell University  16.2% 37,812 30.6%  20,324
Dartmouth University 9.4% 23,110 26% 8,000
Harvard University 5.9% 34,302 16% 13,031
University of Penn.  12.3% 31,217 38.9% 12,465
Princeton University  7.9%  26,664 15.8% 12,857
Yale University  6.8%  28,974 21.9% 11,053
Stanford University 6.6%  36,631  22.1% 13,207
Middlebury College  18.5% 8,849  31%  3,628
Northwestern Univ.  15.3%  32,066  41.6%  12,631

While the admissions data can be intimidating, there is no need for students to panic. There are 3,700 colleges in the US, and more than 80 percent accept over half of their applicants. So while Harvard’s 5.9 percent acceptance rate might seem discouraging, rest assured that there are literally hundreds of excellent schools you may never have heard of, which offer great opportunities to reach your academic and personal goals. After all, your college experience, and your life are what you make of it.

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