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There’s an App for That! Dr. Kat’s List: 5 Colleges for Computer Science and App Development

Compiled by the team of counselors at IvyWise

These days, with advancements in technology, there’s an app for just about anything and a need for people to build them. STEM-related fields are seeing a high demand for workers, with jobs expected to grow 17% over the next decade, and as a result, many students are realizing the value of a STEM education – often in terms of ROI and job demand.

Computer science and app development are booming fields, and many colleges are catering to those needs with exceptional programs for budding techies. From app and software development to computer programing, here are Dr. Kat’s favorite schools for computer science and app development.

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
For the mobile app obsessed, the computer science program at the University of Michigan is a one-stop shop for a great education and experience in application development.

Computer science students at Michigan have the unique opportunity to participate in the Mobile at Michigan initiative, where students from across the university work to develop creative and innovative mobile applications.

Computer science students at Michigan have also developed a number of mobile applications aimed at helping others, including an app to help children with cerebral palsy communicate more effectively. One capstone project included a mobile app to monitor the breathing of newborns.

In addition to departmental initiatives and capstone projects, computer science students can also participate in university-sponsored hack-a-thons and the U-M Mobile App challenge, where students compete for cash prizes. There are also a number of student organizations for those interested in computer science and application development, including CSE Scholars and MSuite Collaborative, where students come together to develop mobile apps.

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
For a college leading the way in STEM education and mobile application development, look no further than Georgia Institute of Technology. At Georgia Tech’s College of Computing, students can get a degree in computer science while creating and testing their own apps.

The foundation of a computer science education at Georgia Tech is problem solving, and students in the School of Computer Science within the College of Computing are equipped with the tools to help solve some of the world’s biggest problems – and create some cool software along the way.

The College of Computing also offers GIT MAD, a mobile application development club that brings together computer science and other computing students interested in developing their own apps. The club hosts a number of hack-a-thons and a biannual App-a-thon, where students team up to build mobile apps and compete for prizes!

In addition to the College of Computing’s programs and clubs, Georgia Tech also offers an application development lab, where students can use a variety of mobile devices to test their own apps.

Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
As technology evolves, so does education, and Indiana University’s School of Informatics and Computing leads the way in preparing students for a cutting-edge career in technology.

The School of Informatics and Computing offers an exceptional computer science program, but what sets IU apart is the Bachelor of Science in Informatics degree program. Through the informatics program, students are able to explore a variety of concentrations and learn how to use technology to lead innovation and discovery. Students are well versed in logical reasoning, basic programming, data visualization, and human-computer interaction design – essential components for application development. The informatics department also offers a specific mobile application development course for students interested in learning how to build their own apps.

Informatics students are also required to complete a capstone project, where they develop a product or solution that demonstrates what they’ve learned in the program and the skills they’ve acquired – giving them the perfect opportunity to show off their application development talents!

High school students can also get in on the application action through the school’s Informatics App Challenge, where high school students compete for prized by developing creative mobile applications.

Northeastern University, Boston, MA
For students looking for a customizable computer science education and the opportunity to gain real-world experience as an undergraduate, Northeastern University is a great fit.

Students studying in the College of Computer and Information Science can choose from 23 combined majors and degree programs, allowing for a customized education that meets specific interests and career goals. Whether a student wants a strict computer science degree, or to combine the program with arts or engineering, there’s something for everyone. The school also offers mobile application development courses, allowing students the opportunity to expand their computer science skills.

There are a variety of student organizations for those interested in computer science and mobile applications, including NUACM, which offers students the opportunity to network and collaborate with other computer science students.

Known for its co-op program, Northeastern is a great option for computer science students who want to gain applicable experience that will count towards their degree program.

Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA
At Pennsylvania State University’s College of Information Sciences and Technology, students go beyond the technical and learn how to use technology and application software to help others.

The bachelor degree program in information sciences and technology offers students the opportunity to focus their studies in one of three concentrations: design, integration, or people and organizations. This gives students a unique education that equips them for a variety of professional careers in computers and technology.

Penn State also offers a variety of courses in mobile app development through the College of IST, allowing students to learn how to create mobile applications in an effort to solve a variety of problems. Penn State students are known for putting their thinking caps on and coming up with innovative solutions, including developing a mobile health app to address the demand of a growing health-based mobile computing market.

Other colleges known for their computer science programs and mobile application initiatives include University of Minnesota, University of Washington, North Carolina State University, and Boston University.

Interested in pursing a STEM education but not sure where to start? Our team of expert counselors knows what it takes to stand out as a STEM student, and can help you identify programs and activities that meet your interests and goals. Contact us today for more information.


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