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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

college acceptance videos.jpgIvyWise Pro Bono Students Share the Moments They Learned of Their Early Acceptances to College


What’s it like to be accepted to your early decision or early action college? These students shared their reactions!

As early admission rates for the class of 2021 reached historic lows at some colleges, many students who applied early decision or early action to their top-choice colleges were left with either a deferral or a rejection. Others, however, were able to celebrate their acceptances.

In this age of digital and social media, it’s not uncommon for students or parents to record them opening their acceptance letters and their reactions to the news.

Three of IvyWise’s pro bono students were able to capture their early acceptances to Penn, Columbia, and Princeton on camera and shared them with us! Watch their college acceptance videos below!


IvyWise Pro Bono Columbia and Penn Acceptance Video 2016 from IvyWise on Vimeo.


IvyWise Pro Bono Princeton Acceptance 2016 from IvyWise on Vimeo.

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