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Friday, March 19, 2021

Use These Virtual College Visit Tools for A Campus-Like Experience

In years past, many students went on spring college tours to get a feel for campus life and narrow down their list of best-fit options. Since many campuses remain closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual visits have emerged as the ideal option for students who are looking to learn more about prospective colleges. 

While it may not be quite the same as an in-person trip, there are several virtual visit tools that can help students during their search process. Keep reading to learn more about some of the top virtual tools you can take advantage of when compiling your best-fit list.

Start with the College Website

If you’re interested in a specific college and looking to learn more, the university’s website is a great place to start. In addition to reading about potential course offerings and programs, take advantage of the touring options made available by the institution. Many colleges have created their own virtual tours that prospective students can sign up for. There are also virtual information sessions, which are generally hosted by an admissions officer. These sessions can be an ideal opportunity to get answers to your questions about extracurricular activities, financial aid, and campus life. Signing up for and attending a virtual information session can also help students convey their demonstrated interest in a particular college, which is a factor that many admissions officers weigh when reviewing applications.


University websites aren’t your only resource for learning more about different colleges. If you’re looking for another perspective, consider checking out the touring options on LiveCampusTours by Nylie. This platform provides customized virtual college tours of approximately 175 campuses, all led by current students. Nylie is not affiliated with any college, so tours can provide a different perspective than what students might get from a tour created by the university or an information session led by an admissions officer. The tours are also customizable, which means students can pick and choose which elements of the campus they wish to learn more about, based on personal passions and interests.


StriveScan recreates the college fair experience in the digital realm. In their 6×6 Virtual College Fair, students get exposure to a wide variety of colleges in a short amount of time. Typically hosted over a three-hour period in a single day or evening, the format consists of six colleges each presenting for 6 minutes. A virtual college fair can be an ideal option for students who are just beginning their college search, because participants will be presented with information about a variety of different campuses.

Chicago HBCU Alumni Alliance

If you’re interested in attending an HBCU, consider checking out the virtual fairs created by the Chicago HBCU Alumni Alliance. Nearly 50 HBCUs will give students information on admissions, programs, and scholarships. Videos of the events are available so that students can refer back to the presentations whenever they need.

While the college visiting experience may be a bit different this spring, there are plenty of tools students can leverage to learn more about their potential best-fit schools. If you’re getting ready to apply to college and looking for personalized information, our team of admissions experts is here to help.

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