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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

IvyWise WebinarsInformative Videos From Our Expert Counselors Are Just A Click Away!

At IvyWise, we’re always thinking of news ways to get families the information they need in order to succeed in the college admissions process. Available now are on-demand college counseling videos featuring our expert counselors speaking on a variety of topics, from community service to how selective schools evaluate applicants.

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Creating a Balanced College List

When applying to college, it’s important to apply to a balanced list of target, reach, and likely schools. In this video, IvyWise counselor Meg will teach you how to research, develop, and finalize a college list. From what to look for on a campus visit to preparing for the “Why this College” essay, you’ll learn how to think outside the box and gauge which schools will be the best fit for your student.

Community Service

It’s important for high schools students to be involved in community service, but it won’t do much for college applications if it’s not impactful or sustained. In this video, IvyWise counselor Meg will teach viewers how to choose community service projects that enhance an applicant’s profile and relate specifically to the student’s interests to maximize impact. Lastly, students will understand how to better highlight their community service experiences in their college applications.


The SAT and ACT have changed a lot over the years, and it’s not the same test parents remember. In this video, IvyWise tutor Kyle discusses the difference between the two tests, what they cover, how they’re scored, and how students can decide which is the best fit for them. This video also includes sample problems and tips on how to improve scores.

The Admissions Rubric: How Selective Schools Make Decisions

The enrollment process is opaque and confusing to many families and applicants. In this video, IvyWise counselor Nat unveils the evaluation process taking place at colleges and universities across the country and discusses how admissions officials make decisions about to develop the “best” class. The reading rubric presented in this video brings full transparency to how admissions decisions are made, and it can answer viewers’ questions about why applicants may or may not gain admission into selective schools.

Teacher Recommendation Letters

A major component of students’ college applications are teacher recommendation letters. In this video, IvyWise advisor Jon discussess the importance of recommendations, what they should contain, who should write them, and why. You’ll also learn whether or not to include extra letters, how to approach teachers and counselors for recommendations, and how they are handled in electronic applications.

Why Go To College? 

There are many reasons why students choose to apply to college, but few actually take a minute to think about it. If you’re unsure about pursuing higher education, or if you’ve never thought about why college is right for you, this video encourages you to consider why and if you should or shouldn’t apply to college, and how to manage your own expectations about the college experience.

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