How to Find College Acceptance Rates Online

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

find college acceptance rates onlineAcceptance Rates Are An Important Metric For Students When Building A Balanced College List

Every year we hear about “record-low acceptance rates” for a number of already highly selective colleges and universities. With more students applying to more colleges, it’s no surprise that many schools across the US are seeing their admission rates drop, however, that’s not always the case for every institution. When building your balanced college list it’s important to understand how your profile stacks up against the most recently admitted class and the overall college acceptance rates for each school to which you plan to apply.

There are a number of ways to find out this information, which is important to have as you research schools, decide where to apply, and categorize institutions as a “reach,” “target,” or “likely.” While many colleges and universities make their college acceptance rates and admitted class profiles readily available on their websites, sometimes that information isn’t so easy to find for other schools. There are a few different places students can look if they’re having a hard time finding the most recently available info on acceptance rates, class profiles, and more.

University Website
The most obvious place to look for this information is the website of the college itself. Many schools have pages within their admissions site with information on application numbers, admission rates, median GPAs and test scores from the most recently admitted class, and more. This can be as simple as searching “SCHOOL NAME + admitted student profile” or “SCHOOL NAME admission rate.” Often these pages are easily found on the admissions pages of the school’s website. Do some digging around to find the most recent data. For example, when decisions are released in the spring, many universities will post a press release about their admissions data, or the student run paper on campus will run a story about it with data directly from the admissions office. So while the data on the website might not be updated yet, you can sometimes find the mot recent information in a press release or news article.

Common Data Set
Another place to look for application numbers, college acceptance rates, data on admitted students, and more, is the school’s Common Data Set (CDS.) Many colleges participate in the Common Data Set Initiative, where schools volunteer to publish this information in order to facilitate transparency and accuracy among higher education data providers. Many schools post their CDS not under the admissions portion of the website, but rather under institutional research or equivalent. The easiest way to find the CDS for the school you’re interested in is to search “SCHOOL NAME + Common Data Set.”

College Navigator
Don’t want to go digging through university websites or long reports for some basic data? College Navigator and college counseling websites are a great place to go for some quick overview data on college acceptance rates, financial aid, cost, applicant test scores, and more. The data provided might not be the most recently available, but it’s usually no more than two years old and can give you a great snapshot of data outside of the acceptance rates.

IvyWise Resources
Data like college acceptance rates is important when planning for college, as it helps students build their balanced college lists and develop a realistic expectations for their college goals. There are a number of IvyWise resources that students can use in order to learn more about college acceptance rates and more.

  • Admission Statistics – This page is regularly updated with college acceptance rates, including college admission rates over time so that families can see how the admissions process changes statistically from year to year.
  • IvyWise Knowledgebase – In addition to college acceptance rates, the IvyWise Knowledgebase offers a number of resources, listed below, to aid families in the college prep and admissions process.
  • Newsletter – Informative articles with college admissions tips and advice for students and parents.
  • Helpful Links – Links to outside resources that can aid families planning for college.
  • College Admissions Guide – Our comprehensive guide to the college admissions process including what to expect and what colleges are looking for in applicants.
  • College Checklists – Get on track with your college prep with our year-by-year college prep checklists for high school freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors.
  • International Guide – Applying to US universities as an international student? This comprehensive guide explains the holistic admissions process as well as what international families can expect from the US admissions process.

Information is key when applying to college! At IvyWise, we collect the most recent data and information on colleges and universities in an effort to demystify the college admissions process for families across the globe. If you’d like to receive the latest college admissions news, information, and advice from our team of expert counselors, join our mailing list!

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