Here’s What Accepted Students Need to Do Before May 1

Friday, April 7, 2017

resources for accepted students.jpgAccepted to Your Top-Choice Colleges? Here’s What to Do Next

Regular admission decisions are out for the class of 2021, and up until this point, students probably spent a lot of time daydreaming about gaining admission to their top-choice colleges but not much about what they will need to do after their decisions come in. Getting accepted to one or more of your top-choice colleges is exciting, but there’s still a lot to do before enrollment deposits are due May 1 – especially if you received multiple offers of admission.

You’re In! Now What?

First, congratulations! Your hard work has paid off and you have the chance to attend one or more of your best-fit colleges. Take some time to enjoy the decision! Tell your close family, friends, and your college counselor!

Watch these IvyWise students learn of their acceptances!

Celebrate Mindfully

Remember, it’s great to celebrate, but be cautious of what you post on social media for the world to see. Avoid sharing letters or emails with personal information displayed, and be mindful of who you’re sharing your information with. This time of year is sensitive for many students, so don’t gloat about your acceptance to classmates who may have been rejected from that same institution.

Evaluate Your Offers Including Financial Aid

Next, evaluate your offer, or offers, of admission. Did you receive enough financial aid? Make sure you know how to read your financial aid award letters, and that you know the difference between “free” money (grants) and money you’ll have to pay back (loans). Also, look at the fine print – does your offer of admission stipulate you must maintain a certain GPA in order to stay in your program of choice? Are you offered a spot in a special honors program at one college and not at another? Look at what each school is giving you and determine which offer best fits your needs and goals.

Visit Again If Needed

If you received multiple acceptances and you’re torn about where to attend, think about visiting the colleges you’re deciding between before the May 1 enrollment deadline. Many colleges and universities offer admitted students weekends, so if this is something you are able to attend you should go! Revisiting your research on each institution, and visiting again if you have the opportunity, can help you make a more informed decision about where to attend.

Additional Resources for Accepted Students

Here are some additional resources for students who were accepted to one or more of their top-choice colleges.

Remember, gaining admission to your top-choice colleges is exciting, but that doesn’t mean your work is done. Colleges can, and will, rescind offers of admission if your senior year grades slip at the end of the year. Make sure to keep up the pace in the classroom and close out the semester strong.

IvyWise Services for Accepted Students

At IvyWise we offer a number of services for students who were rejected, waitlisted, and even counseling on which schools to attend based on where students were accepted. We also offer guidance on gap years and other alternatives for students who may want to defer their admission for a year.

For more information on our college counseling services after admission decisions are in, contact us through our website or email us at [email protected].

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