Colleges Extending Regular Decision Deadlines

Monday, January 11, 2021

Calm young woman in headphones listening to music and working on laptop at homeWhich Colleges Are Extending Their Regular Round Application Deadlines?

Earlier this year, we announced that several colleges were opting to extend their early application deadlines. Now, several months later, it looks like many schools are following a similar path for their regular round process.

Over the last week, an increasing number of colleges have made changes to their application deadlines, often pushing it back by a week or more. Keep reading to learn more about which schools are extending their deadlines and what to do with this extra time. 

Which schools are extending their deadlines?

Back in August, we predicted that some universities may choose to modify their deadlines to give students more time to compile applications during an admissions cycle unlike any other. From canceled SAT and ACT exams to changes in extracurricular activities, students have faced several challenges during the 2020-2021 academic year, so it’s understandable that some may feel slightly behind. 

When it comes to the schools in particular that have chosen to push back their deadlines, you’ll notice they range in both location and class size. Some schools, like Babson College, also opted to extend their early application deadline earlier this year. In the coming weeks, additional colleges may choose to extend their own deadlines, so continue to refer back to this list for updated information. For now, the schools with deadline extensions include:

New Regular Decision Application Deadline
Babson College January 15
Boston University January 4
MIT January 6
Pitzer January 8
UCASJanuary 29


What does this mean for my college applications?

If one or more of the schools on your best-fit list opt to extend their deadline, think of this as an opportunity to be extra diligent with your submission. We always recommend that students read over their college applications to spot grammar mistakes and spelling errors, but maybe spend the additional days/weeks that you have taking this review to the next level. Read over every component of your application and make sure you are truly proud of what you are preparing to submit. If you previously rushed through any supplemental essays in an effort to get the application finished, use this extra time to revisit those sections and compile answers that are thoughtful and compelling.

What steps should I take if I feel behind on college applications?

If you’re feeling a bit behind on college applications, don’t panic. Particularly during this unusual admissions cycle, many students may have encountered disruptions that have delayed their college preparation process. Instead of beating yourself up about falling behind, focus on being proactive to get back on track. Some top tips include:

  • Make an application schedule: Review exactly what you need to do for each school you are planning to apply to and the deadlines for every college. Start with the most imminent deadline and systemically work through every item on your to-do list. To stay accountable, create self-imposed deadlines for when you will complete various components of each application and make sure you don’t fall behind. 
  • Eliminate distractions: College applications require your full attention. Instead of trying to squeeze in an essay during your school day or while you’re watching television, create a distraction-free zone for your college admissions process. Set aside several hours that you can devote solely to working on applications and strive to make progress on your goals every day if possible. 
  • Prioritize: It’s natural to want to do everything, but once in a while, it can be best to focus on what matters most. Perhaps you put your social and extracurricular activities on the back burner for the next few weeks so that you can really give your college applications your all. While it’s important to stay engaged and accountable in your coursework, make sure college applications are one of your top priorities over the next few weeks.

Given all of the changes to the 2020-2021 admissions cycle, it’s more important than ever to stay up to date. If you’re looking for additional guidance, our team of college admissions experts is here to support you. 

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