Colleges Still Accepting Applications After Jan. 1

Sunday, January 2, 2022

College Application Red FlagsA Number of Schools Are Still Accepting Applications for the Class of 2026

Many college application deadlines have already passed, but there are still hundreds of institutions in the US accepting applications for the College Class of 2026.

For many high school seniors, the college admissions process can sneak up and leave students well behind on their applications. While many colleges have Jan-1 deadlines for Regular Decision applications, some colleges have later deadlines or Rolling Admissions options. This gives students who might be behind a chance to still apply to some good-fit institutions.

If you’re just now working on your applications, were rejected or deferred from your Early Decision or Early Action college, or second-guessing the universities you’ve already applied to, there is still time to apply to other colleges.

Check out the sheet below for a list of colleges that are still accepting applications after Jan-1, as well as schools with Rolling Admissions policies.

(Source: Common Application Requirements Grid and school websites.)

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