Class of 2022 Yield Rates

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

PrincetonColleges Report Yield Rates For The Class Entering Fall 2018

Colleges reported record-low admission rates for the class of 2022, and now that many colleges have a chance to admit students off the waitlist in order to finalize enrollment for the fall, colleges are assessing their matriculating class and releasing information on their class of 2022 rates.

Yield, the percentage of accepted students who choose to enroll, is an important metric for admissions offices as it sets the tone for the next academic year, since everything from program funding to academic offerings are affected by yield. Admission statistics have a big impact on the admissions process, and families need to know what to expect when applying to college this fall.

Below are some reported rates for the class of 2022.

SchoolClass of 2022 Yield
Dartmouth College64%
Harvard University82%
George Washington University23.6%
Middlebury College45%
Princeton University69%
Trinity College30%
Tulane University29%
University of Chicago~80%


As we predicted earlier this year, yield will play a large role in the admissions process this year and the admissions season ahead, as it has become increasingly difficult for colleges to estimate their incoming class size. In order to manage yield and enrollment rates, colleges are looking toward things like early decision applicant pools and demonstrated and informed interest in order to have a better idea of which students will enroll if admitted.

Want to learn more about yield and demonstrated interest? Check out these resources below.



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