IvyWise Scholars Spotlight: Afua

Tuesday, November 23, 2021


IvyWise Scholar Afua Shares Her Top Tips for Students Applying to College

For current seniors, the college application process is in full swing. It’s so important to have perspective when going through the admissions journey, which is why we’ve reached out to one of our own students, Afua, to share some advice for future applicants.

As part of our IvyWise Gives Back initiative, IvyWise Scholars is our pro bono college admissions counseling program for high-achieving, low-income students. We caught up with IvyWise Scholar Afua, a gifted student from New York, to learn more about her college admissions journey, what it’s like to work with IvyWise during this process, and get some of her college prep advice for other students.

Tell us about your background and interests.

Hello! My name is Afua, and I go to the High School for Health Professions and Human Services. Some of my favorite courses I have taken include Medical Illustration and a medical assisting course, in which I learned more about anatomy and physiology through case studies and clinical work to help me prepare for the Certified Medical Assistant Exam. Outside of these courses, I have also taken:

  • AP Language and Composition
  • AP World History
  • AP Human Geography
  • AP Government and Politics

During my time in high school, I have had the opportunity to earn college credits through various avenues, including dual enrollment and a program called College Now. Since I have started the process of earning college credits, I have had the opportunity to participate in the following courses:

  • English 111
  • Psychology
  • Community Health
  • Sociology & Women Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Critical Thinking and Health Education
  • Public Health and Social Work

If I had to choose my favorite teachers, it would be my forensics and medical assisting teachers. Both of them are motivated, passionate, and dedicated teachers who, I feel, not only want their students to be successful but also actively work towards fostering an environment that advocates for mental health. Both of them have written letters of recommendation for me, and I am super grateful for that.

At my school, I am part of the Psychology Group, peer mediation, school newspaper, and NHS. Outside of school, I participate in various extracurriculars, including internships with the Summer Youth Employment Program, Maimonides Medical Center, Next Gen Politics, Yvote, Social Change, 7 Cups, and the Purpose Project.

I am also a part of student-led organizations such as DailyDose, Be Confident, AM4teens, Cancer4Less, Future Destinations, & Genshequality. In the past, I participated in the health exposure recruitment program at Cornell and the Meyer Cancer Center Englander Institute Summer Internship Program at Cornell. Additionally, I have done research at Polygence, Neuroestablishment, and I-Create Youth. Finally, I am a part of college prep programs such as SEO Scholars, Matriculate, College Advisors, Ron Brown, and QuestBridge.

What aspect of the college admissions process are you most excited about?

For college prep, I am the most excited about writing essays that represent me and building a list of colleges, one of which will be my future school and home for the next four years. I am nervous about seeing low acceptance rates and letting them demotivate me, so having a resource like IvyWise is helpful in building my confidence.

My future goal is to be a child psychologist, so I am interested in schools that offer psychology as a major. Other qualities I’m looking for in schools are that they should be far but still close to home, and offer diversity.

What are your top college prep tips for other students?

My top tips for college-bound students are:

  • Manage your time well
  • Take initiative to get involved through your school clubs, social media, volunteer opportunities, and other platforms so you can build an impressive resume
  • Build strong relationships with your teachers
  • Use online resources and social media to your advantage
  • A bad grade or test score doesn’t define you, so don’t give up!
  • Be open to making new friends
  • Don’t compare yourself with others, because everyone is different
  • Have fun and explore your school!

Learn more about Afua by watching the video below.

For more information on families’ experience with IvyWise, check out our testimonials page, and meet some of our other IvyWise Scholars. Want to learn more about what you can be doing now to prepare for the college admissions process? Download our free College Admissions Guide!


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