Class of 2019 Yield Rates

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Class of 2019 Yield RatesYield May Be Holding Steady At Elite Colleges But It’s Still A Big Concern For Admissions Offices

Yield rates for the class of 2019 at some of the country’s top colleges and universities have plateaued, with many mirroring last year’s rates. Of the yield rates that are available, some are the same or vary by one or two percentage points compared to last year. Why does this matter? For colleges, yield is important in order to predict the size of the incoming class and make sure they have enough students to meet their institutional needs.

What’s most telling is what we don’t see – many colleges haven’t released their yield rates yet, meaning they’re likely still crunching numbers and admitting students off the waitlist in order to round out the freshman class.

Harvard University is expected to admit 60-70 students off the waitlist this year – a huge increase from the 15-20 they expected to admit off the waitlist for the class of 2018.

Here are some of the available yield rates for the class of 2019:

SchoolClass of 2019 YieldClass of 2018 Yield
Georgetown University47.6%46%
Harvard University81%82%
Princeton University68.6%69.2%
University of Pennsylvania66%66%
Williams College46%45.7%

Yield is important for families to understand because it can influence admission decisions. As we mentioned in a previous blog post, families should expect colleges to pay more attention to informed and demonstrated interest this year, as it’s a way to gauge whether or not a student is likely to enroll – a metric used to predict yield.

According to NACAC’s latest State of College Admissions report, yield rates on the whole have been declining for the past decade, with the average yield rate of colleges hovering around 36% – a decrease of almost 13 percentage points since 2002.

So what does this mean for college bound students and their families? Don’t ignore the importance of demonstrated and informed interest. Do your research, visit, and write compelling, detailed essays that show your knowledge of the school and how you plan to contribute to the campus community. Colleges want to admit students who really want to attend, so students can use this trend to boost their chances of admission.

Yield is just one thing that families need to understand in order to have success in the admissions process. This year, there are a number of trends that college bound students and parents need to be aware of before the college application process this fall.
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