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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Admissions Blogs to Follow copyFollow These Blogs to Get the Most Relevant College Admissions Info and Application Tips

The Internet is a significant tool in the college search process. Students can learn about prospective colleges, what it takes to get in, what they need to do to apply, how to stand out in the application pool, and more. With so much information available with just the click of a button (or a simple Google search), it can sometimes be hard to sift through what’s valuable and what’s not.

Many colleges and universities – and professional counseling organizations – run their own admissions blogs with important information for students interested in applying. While many are school-specific, they offer great advice that can translate into any application.

Here are some of the best college admissions blogs (including ours!) that you should follow before applying!

UChicago: The Uncommon Blog – There are few things common about UChicago, so it’s no surprise that their admissions blog itself is called Uncommon. With an admit rate of 8.4%, students need all the guidance they can get to boost their chances of admission. The Uncommon Blog offers great info, from how to approach their uncommon essay prompts to student insight into the college’s culture. If you’re the social media type, be sure to also follow their Tumblr account, which not only features Uncommon blog posts, but also shares photos, videos, and other articles UChicago-related!

University of Virginia: Notes from Peabody – Run by UVA’s Dean of Admissions (who you should definitely follow on Twitter, too), Notes from Peabody is a great resource for future Caviler applicants. This blog offers great application tips, insight into what exactly demonstrated interest means, and occasionally a cute dog photo.

University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill: Carolina Undergraduate Admissions Blog – As one of the most active admissions office blogs out there, UNC’s offers a plethora of information for prospective students – both first year and transfer. Thinking of applying early? There’s a post for that. Not sure what to do after your campus tour? There’s a post for that, too. A lot of these resources can also be applied to other colleges you’re considering, too!

Huffington Post College Blog – Huffington Post is known primarily as a news website, but it also runs a great college news section with contributing bloggers (including our own Dr. Kat!). Huff Po College offers great articles on preparing for the college application process, what to do when you apply, what to do when you get in, and how to survive once you get there! Contributors include college counselors, students, admissions directors, professors, and more.

MIT Admissions Blogs – Another blog with a robust catalog of resources for both prospective and admitted students is MIT’s admissions blog. Visually appealing and a little more fun than most, MIT’s blog publishes posts from a variety of writers – admissions officers, students, other university officials, and even a pie! (for pi day…) From application announcements to tips for first-year students, this is a blog you’ll want to follow from senior year all the way through your freshman year of college.

The Harvard Crimson Admissions Blog – Run by the staff of The Harvard Crimson, Harvard’s campus paper, this blog is fairly new (it was started last year), but offers great resources with more of a news-y angle. Perfect for staying up-to-date on admissions developments and trends.

LinkedIn Blog – With the introduction of its University Pages last year, LinkedIn is one of the newest resources for prospective students looking to learn more about colleges. Since opening to college students, LinkedIn’s has started posting content specifically for students. Not only is this a great college research and application tip tool, it also offers insight into post-grad employment and how to land that dream job or internship after you get into college!

What other blogs are great resources for students applying to college? Tell us in the comments below!

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