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Friday, July 27, 2018

college admissions resourcesStudents Applying to College Should Seek Help From a Number of Different Resources

For students just starting the college admissions process, it can be intimidating and overwhelming, so some advice from peers going through the same process can be helpful and welcome. We caught up with one of our pro bono students, Oladunni, to get her advice on what students should know when applying to college this fall.

The college admissions season for the college class of 2023 is well underway, with many schools announcing their essay prompts well ahead of the Common Application open date of Aug. 1. This, coupled with the release of the Common App essay prompts earlier this year, has allowed students to get a head start on completing the bulk of their essays during the summer.

Students like Oladunni have had a lot of time to think about what they want to say in their college application essays, as well as how they want to approach the college admissions process. We spoke with Oladunni to get her insight into the college admissions process so far and what advice she has for students applying to college this fall. Her biggest piece of advice: don’t go through this process alone!



Take Advantage of Your Resources
As Oladunni said, there are a number of resources out there for students to take advantage of when preparing for the college admissions process. First, reach out to your college counselor at school. Set up an appointment to meet with your counselor to go over your college plans, course selections, college list, test scores, and more. This is the first step toward creating a comprehensive and effective college prep strategy.

Students should also take advantage of teachers, parents, and mentors, who can provide some context and insight into college plans, goals, and what students can do to improve the impact they’re making both inside and outside of the classroom.

Online resources, like the IvyWise Blog, are also readily available to college-bound high school students. Take some time to do through research online and on social media to learn more about specific school and the college admissions process in general. Below are some additional resources that students can use to better prepare for the college admissions process.

Finally, independent educational consultants like the team of experts at IvyWise can help you better navigate the college admissions process and demystify some of the confusion around what it takes for students to gain admission to their top-choice colleges. Learn more about IvyWise’s college counseling services here.

Don’t go through the admissions process alone! Whether it’s utilizing your school-based counselor, an independent consultant, online resources, or some combination of all three, there’s a lot of support out there that students need to take advantage of!

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